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June 19, 2018 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management, Billing

Why Choose ChiroTouch

Your livelihood depends on two major factors: Your chiropractic skills and your chiropractic software. In today’s world, even the most talented doctors will not enjoy the success they deserve if their chiropractic software system isn’t up to the task. You could lose patients and revenue to those who don’t have superior technique but do have superior software. There’s a remedy for that. ChiroTouch feature-rich chiropractic software is state-of-the-art and becomes a technological partner in your practice. Here are 17 reasons to choose ChiroTouch:

1. Intuitive All-In-One-Dashboards. With its easy learning curve, you and your staff will quickly feel comfortable using ChiroTouch. Receive Personal One-on-One Training.

2. Easy automated billing. Streamline your billing and revenue cycle.

3. Because you trust your software and its documentation, you can spend more time on your practice and your patients. Join our community of 21,000 doctors.

4. Fully Certified and Compliant. Protect yourself from audits with our HIPAA compliant, ONC certified software.

5. Mobility with native chiropractic iPad apps, allowing you and your staff complete integration.

6. 15-second Daily Notes. Create your SOAP notes in just seconds with our touch-screen macros.  Take advantage of our vast macro library.

7. Minimize rejected claims.

8. Customize ChiroTouch chiropractic software to meet your practice’s needs.

9. Dedicated Phone and Chat Support. Get help from a live person during working hours or find excellent customer support services online 24/7.

10. Fully certified EHR, which aids in attesting for the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

11. Same as Last Time (SALT) feature for documentation.

12. The patient check-in process has never been easier than with ChiroTouch.

13. Send automatic appointment reminders via our software. This reduces the need for staff callbacks, and boosts revenue by cancellation and no-show reduction.

14. Standardized reports help you analyze practice performance. Obtain a real-time view of every aspect of your practice.

15. After claim submission, ChiroTouch chiropractic software makes tracking each claim’s status simple. Claims requiring follow-up are easily identified.

16. Receive an immediate alert, if a patient’s insurance has reached their visit maximum insurance coverage amount.

17. Free your staff from the chores of manual data entry and the increased risk of human errors. Your revenues will pick up, and your employees can focus on helping with patient care.

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