Chiropractic Business - 4 Steps to Improve Practice Efficiency
December 14, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management, Profession

With the New Year approaching, many of us are bursting with optimism about all the big changes we are planning to make.  We are always hopeful that the outcomes will be exactly as expected and as easy as turning on a switch.  Your business and your practice likely fall into this category.  The category of things that we always want to spend more time improving, all the while getting caught up in our everyday tasks, like getting patients through the door, receiving payments, and helping our patients.  This prevents us from taking the time to work on our bigger picture plans.

If you have goals to improve your chiropractic business, likely at least one of these things on your list can directly tie into how efficient your practice is.  You can improve your efficiency by using a multi-tiered approach.

1. Technology

First thing to consider in your approach is turning your attention to those that are experts in technology.  One of the main benefits of keeping pace with chiropractic technology is the broad spectrum of affiliates, coaches, groups, organizations, and industry leaders that have partnered with leading technology providers.  These partnerships focus on building a platform on which to provide countless resources like webinars, tools, articles, and more, to assist individuals in their efforts to increase their practice efficiency.  ChiroTouch provides the community with CTAcademy, a website designed specifically to educate on personal finances, documentation, communication, marketing and more, all from industry leaders – free of charge.

Another aspect of technology to keep in mind is your practice management software.  Implementing a chiropractic software solution can dramatically increase the efficiency of your front desk, billing and note taking.  This benefits everyone that is working in and coming into contact with your practice.  Be sure to shop for a solution that can meet all these needs while providing frequent updates and improvements as demands in the market chang.

2. Get Connected, Stay Connected

You don’t know, what you don’t know.  That alone can decrease profitability.  Staying connected to your business means that you can address issues as they arise, make scheduling changes, and keep apprised of new information. IT mobility is increasing and reshaping business models worldwide.  Mobile access to your practice can give you better business intelligence on-the-go.  You’re able to improve employee performance by remaining in contact with them, whether or not you are physically within the confines of the office.  The constant collaboration can increase decision making turnaround times.  It can even reduce the bottlenecks that are negatively impacting the efficiency of your business.

3. Take the Time to Review

You may have been running your practice for years using processes you know by heart. However, when was the last time you sat down and reviewed the way you organize your business? Have you identified key performance indicators (KPI) that tell you how your business is running month over month and year over year? Have you ever revisited that workaround you implemented long ago that didn’t seem to have a solution? There may be automation tools like a practice management software that can help to fill those gaps.  The answer is out there, but may not fall onto your lap.

4. Incite Efficiency

The weighty responsibility of continually making your business more efficient does not have to rest solely on your shoulders.  Every individual in your office can be a beacon of invention and purveyor of education. Reward your employees for finding solutions and creating efficiency, and promote and appropriate a venue wherein they can do so.  Create a monthly team challenge and encourage everyone to scour the industry and those like it for new.  Or innovative ways to get more out of less within the workplace.

Joining the Conversation

Every DC has a story to tell that has helped them improve their own business over the years.  Subscribe to industry blogs that are interesting, join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that revolve around running a small practice, read online magazines such as Chiropractic Economics and Dynamic Chiropractic, and attend workshops, take advantage of continuing education opportunities that can help spark new ideas.

Increasing your business efficiency can increase your profits without requiring that you procure any additional resources.  Keep pace with industry experts, get connected with your technology providers, and take advantage of resources.  Resources such as webinars, blogs, podcasts, articles, and seminars all carry an opportunity to spark some creative ideas on how you can improve your practice.  Make it a point to set yourself and your staff on a path to efficiency and make sure everyone on board rises to the challenge, bringing news from industry gurus and business experts.  Working in your practice is essential, but it should not come at the expense of working on your practice. Working on your practice allows you to bring new ideas to the table, revisit challenges that may have new automated solutions, and learn from seasons professionals, near and far.

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