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December 28, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Automation, Business Management

Improving the efficiency of your chiropractic office is in the best interest of your practice, your staff, and your patients; it can increase your profits.  It can be difficult, however to know where to start when you have a full patient load and multiple people on staff.  We’ve put together a few helpful chiropractic business tips that can get the ball rolling and grow your chiropractic practice.

Whether you’re renting your office space or own the building, your original floor plan may no longer work for your current clientele or staff.  Evaluate the traffic flow in the reception area, back office area and treatment rooms.  Do patients tend to bottle-neck at reception because your staff uses the same space for checking in, collecting payments, and scheduling new appointments?  Perhaps you can increase this area and include separate, designated areas for each function.  Do you frequently have a back-up in the reception room but plenty of storage space that’s going to waste? Consider converting some of the unused storage area in another treatment room.

Automatic Reminders Mean Fewer No-Shows

While reminder calls seem time-consuming, the reality is that they are a great way to minimize no-shows.  Every time a patient doesn’t show up, a chiropractor has empty time that could have been filled with another patient.  Staff members also must follow up to see why the patient missed the appointment.  Plus, the patient file requires updating, resulting in additional wasted time.  An automated reminder program can help patients stay on track by sending out text and e-mail alerts, leaving your office staff free to attend to the patients currently in the office.

Weekly Troubleshooting Meetings

Start each troubleshooting session with an open question about any problems your staff has had during the week, then brainstorm possible solutions.  Asking your employees for input regarding the problems that crop up can be a great morale builder.  It further provides the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective.  If you address small problems early on, they don’t have the opportunity to escalate.

EHR Software

EHR Software can tame the paper dragon and keep everything from billing to scheduling seamlessly integrated.  You waste less time updating files, and have more time to concentrate on your patients.  Self check-in stations like CTSign-In can allow patients to manage their own check-ins and keep the office flow running smoothly.

Allow Prep Time Each Morning Before Patients Arrive

Don’t overwhelm your employees with an immediate load of patients when they walk through the door.  Building fifteen to thirty minutes into the morning routine prior to the first appointment, allows everyone to get their bearings, plan their day, and mentally prepare themselves for incoming patients.

Improved efficiency is usually the by-product of a simplified process.  The results can be impressive and are achievable with just a few changes.  It’s an expensive yet effective way to grow your chiropractic business.

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