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sherri langstonDr. Sherri Langston of Langston Chiropractic finds the fully integrated full claims cycle management features of ChiroTouch Advanced just what she needs to run her insurance-based practice more efficiently.

Dr. Langston also finds ChiroTouch, the cloud standard, simple and easy to set up. In addition to the seamless integration of insurance functions, she loves the timesaving SOAP note features. Using ChiroTouch Advanced saves her from four to eight hours a week in administrative tasks.

The Customer

Dr. Sherri Langston BS, DC

55 Ana Dr

Florence, AL 35630

Dr. Sherri Langston owns and operates Langston Chiropractic in Florence, Alabama, with her husband, Dr. Jack Langston. Dr. Sherri Langston has spent the last 17 years as a chiropractor, and the couple opened their own practice three years ago.

Dr. Langston holds a bachelor of science in human biology and doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine. She is certified in acupuncture. She’s awaiting certification from the Spine Research Institute and a medical examiner certification from the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulation) (FMCSA).

Her husband, Dr. Jack Langston, has been a practicing chiropractor for the last 47 years. They met while working at the same practice and eventually opened their own practice. Together they offer chiropractic aid for general chiropractic care as well as specializing in auto injuries and acupuncture.

Dr. Langston cares for her patients with specialized treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs. She holistically addresses her patients’ care through chiropractic methods and acupuncture, allowing them to regain movement and get back to their normal activities.

The Challenges

As part of owning her practice, Dr. Langston is responsible for performing daily office management. With her outdated practice management software, she spent hours manually balancing her cash flow and dealing with a separate credit card processing system.

Additional challenges included the time required to create, file, and mail paper remittances and explanation of benefits (EOB) statements to her patients.

Challenges with Previous EHR Software

  • Time-consuming

  • Outdated interface

  • Tied to a desktop computer

  • No paperless options

  • Slow SOAP note documentation

  • Inefficient EHR functions

  • Time spent on manual balancing and processing of payments

She also works one day a week at a different location. She disliked being tied to one location because the program only worked on her primary office computer.

Dr. Langston further noted that it took 10 to 15 minutes to enter one patient’s SOAP note in the electronic health record (EHR) system she was using, and she had to manually delete previous notes before typing in current information.

The Solution

Dr. Langston had used ChiroTouch in the past and liked it so much she was eager for the cloud version to become available. She has now been using the new cloud standard, ChiroTouch Advanced, for six months and couldn’t be happier with it.

Langston Chiropractic is an insurance-based practice with no chiropractic assistant and no front desk staff (though they do have a nursing student who comes in twice per week to assist with heavy workload days).

Since implementing ChiroTouch, she is saving four to eight hours a week on insurance tasks, one-half to one full workday that she can now reallocate to her patients. She no longer feels she needs to hire additional staff.

“I don’t feel like I need a full-time person or extra staff.”

Chirotouch software

Dr. Langston loves the user-friendly interface and effortless complete integration that ChiroTouch provides.

“You can get everything electronically deposited to an account and get electronic remittance, which auto-post within the ledger, so you don’t have to worry about balancing your books. It basically does it for you.”

The Results

Switching to ChiroTouch has benefitted Dr. Langston and her practice immensely.  When asked about the transition to the software and onboarding process, Langston says, “It was simple.”

The ChiroTouch support team helped her migrate general patient data and demographics over to the new system. Dr. Langston could then use ChiroTouch immediately for scheduling and checking patients into appointments.

She was using EHR and office management functions comfortably “from day one.”

“It’s so user-friendly, I had set everything up before they sent me the instructions.”

ChiroTouch being a completely integrated software is a significant part of ChiroTouch’s offering for Dr. Langston, who likes the convenient access to all patient data in one location and the automatic aspects of the software.

She no longer requires a separate credit card provider, and all payments are automatically processed and balanced in the ledger. She also appreciates that ChiroTouch eliminates the need for multiple vendors.

Results of Switching to ChiroTouch

  • Easier, more convenient payment processing

  • Faster and easier SOAP note documentation

  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility

  • Streamlined insurance processing with single sign-in

  • Significant time savings – 4-8 hours per week

  • Eliminated need for additional staff

Dr. Langston has created a fee schedule for cash payments, further streamlining the patient experience and cutting down on her time spent at the computer each week. She uses the fee schedule to create the SOAP note for that visit.

The fee for the visit is then automatically applied to the patient’s account so she can see on patient check-out if they have an outstanding balance.

“When [a patient] makes a payment, it automatically applies it for that date of service, so I can see right then and there, before they check out, if the balance is zero or they have any kind of remaining balance. It’s phenomenal.”

Dr. Langston also loves the customizable macros, which are pre-built documentation templates for notes. With her previous software, she spent 10 to 15 minutes on each note. With ChiroTouch, she can now create 10 to 15 SOAP notes in the time it used to take her to complete one.

She is able to process all of her payments in one system and has regained one-half to one full day a week. She can now use that time saved to focus on growing her practice and working with new patients.

One of the changes Dr. Langston appreciates most with ChiroTouch is that she can access the program from any device. ChiroTouch’s cloud-based operating system allows her to work at a different location once a week and still access ChiroTouch’s scheduling features from her computer, tablet, or phone.

ChiroTouch, the Cloud Standard

patient electronic record

Dr. Langston validates that ChiroTouch is the completely integrated cloud standard in EHR chiropractic software.

One System for All Functions

With EHR, billing, payment processing, scheduling, and claims management in one platform, Dr. Langston saves four to eight hours per week, time that she can now spend seeing more patients.

Convenient Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is made convenient and straightforward with ChiroTouch. It’s so user-friendly that Dr. Langston could begin using it even before she received setup instructions.

Seamless Insurance Management

Insurance management is a critical part of Langston’s practice. She appreciates being able to manage claims directly from the software and not having to deal with multiple applications or vendors.

Integrated Payment Processing

ChiroTouch allowed Dr. Langston to stop using a separate credit card provider; she can now process payments within the system. She loves that payment posting and ledger balancing are done electronically.

Actionable Reports and Insights

The at-a-glance dashboards and practice performance reports give Dr. Langston actionable insights into how she can improve her practice performance. The data is easy to view, use, and export, making it invaluable to her practice growth plans.

Built-In Templates

Dr. Langston found ChiroTouch’s built-in templates easy to use and convenient for formatting patient documentation. She was able to customize the pre-loaded macros for the way she and her husband work. She has peace of mind that her notes are audit-proof with templates that are case type-, technique-, and therapy-specific.

SOAP Notes in Seconds

Using the SOAP notes feature, Dr. Langston has considerably reduced the time spent entering patient data. ChiroTouch allows for quick, touch-screen documentation to create complete, CMS-compliant notes in just seconds.

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