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September 8, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management

A successful chiropractic practice is well-run, and always searching for ways to improve efficiency for the betterment of patients, doctors, and staff alike. These handy chiropractic apps make every aspect of office life better, from scheduling to payments and every service in-between.

Chiropractic Assistants and the Success of Your Practice

Chiropractic assistants (CAs) are the backbone of your practice. If they don’t have the right tools, the practice can run into issues. A lack of the latest technology, in this case mobile apps, frustrates CAs and can impede work flow. As your practice grows, your CAs – and their relationship to top tech – becomes ever more critical. Regardless of whether you have hundreds or thousands of patients or are just starting out, you can’t rely on software designed for a circa 2012 practice to run your chiropractic practice smoothly.

How Mobile Apps Benefit Your Chiropractic Assistants

Mobile apps are just that – mobile. That means your CAs are not limited to using them only in the office. Many CAs prefer the flexibility to do some work from home. Compiling patients notes for the doctor can be a task that no longer needs to be done at the physical office desk. Chiropractic apps allow CAs to work anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of ChiroTouch’s mobile apps CAs find especially helpful:

CT Scheduler – This application gives you the ability to schedule appointments on any device with internet. It offers the full functionality of a desktop scheduler and easily integrates with software. This chiropractic app provides mobility, offering easier management of patient appointments.

CT Outcomes Mobile – Patients can fill in their own outcome assessment information on a portable device while seated in the waiting room. This app is not only saving your CA’s time, it also eliminates the need to keep track of patients’ physical papers. It further saves your practice paper and printing costs.

CT Provider Mobile – View patient files and fulfill everyday tasks wherever you are. Your CAs are no longer limited to managing patient files at the desk, allowing for greater flexibility.

CT Forms Mobile – This patient-focused chiropractic app, allows your patients to quickly file or update “paperwork.” As filing is instantaneous; this app frees up time for your CAs and greatly improves office efficiency.

Intuitive Apps

Intuitive design is a key feature of ChiroTouch’s chiropractic apps, so CAs can put them to use immediately. Don’t let worry over a learning curve you experienced with other new software concern you. CAs will intuitively figure out how to use ChiroTouch’s mobile apps. And if questions arise, CTCommunity is always available to help. After you implement these apps into your practice and day to day workflow you will be quick to wonder how you managed to do it before!

The ChiroTouch Advantage

Not using ChiroTouch mobile apps can be detrimental to the practice and the chiropractic assistants’ workload. Good chiropractic assistants are a vital part of your practice, and you want to keep good workers and keep them happy. In addition, chiropractic apps not only improve efficiency, but the overall work environment. No one wants to feel they are wasting their time handling unproductive tasks. When you partner with ChiroTouch, you take a major step forward in boosting the efficacy of your CAs and overall practice. Once your staff starts using CT mobile apps, they will wonder how they ever worked without them.

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