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  • Lack of appropriate tools for chiropractic billing and payments can cause errors in data entry, redundant billing tasks, and a lack of payment options for patients. 
  • An integrated payments solution helps your practice create a patient experience with faster payment processing and automated recurring payments. 
  • Integrated billing and payment software offers increased accuracy in billing and helps you collect payments on time.

An efficient chiropractic billing and payments process is essential to running a profitable chiropractic practice. Billing errors and redundancies caused by outdated billing and payment software can result in loss of revenue. An integrated billing and payment solution eliminates chiropractic billing and payment issues and helps you see better cash flow for your practice.

Common Challenges with Chiropractic Billing and Payments

Chiropractic practices face many billing and payment challenges, especially when using outdated chiropractic EHR. Manual data entry errors cost your practice money in lost revenue and patient satisfaction, and inefficient payment methods create a hassle for patients who need to pay at the time of service. The following are common challenges related to chiropractic billing and payments:

Errors in Manual Data Entry

Without an automated billing system, your staff must spend time and effort to manually input data for your practice. The risk of error for manual data entry is around 1%, and that risk increases when staff are tired or inexperienced or there are other organizational challenges in your practice.

That 1% adds up over the course of a year, and billing errors or inconvenient payment processes can reduce patient satisfaction and result in lost business for your practice.

Redundant Billing Tasks for Recurring Payments

Chiropractic patients often have recurring appointments or purchase subscription packages. Without an automated system, your staff must input the same payment information for every visit.

This time-consuming process forces patients to bring their credit card or insurance information each time they attend a session. They must also wait for payment processing after their appointments, resulting in potential frustration and wasted time.

Redundant billing and administrative tasks take away from providers’ ability to spend time with patients to improve their care and overall experience. A paper published by the American College of Physicians found that providers spend around 49.2% of their time on administrative work and only 33.1% on direct patient care.

Inconvenient payment options and poor services can cause dissatisfied patients to leave negative reviews for your practice online, causing you to lose patients and revenue.

Inefficient Payment Methods

If your chiropractic practice uses outdated software, you may struggle with inefficient payment processing, including invoicing patients and taking co-pays at the time of service. In 2018, nearly 38% of medical professionals reported spending more than 10 to 19 hours weekly on paperwork and manually approving invoices.

You may have to use multiple systems for invoicing your patients and taking payments. This means training your staff on different software programs and dealing with multiple vendors and costs. Wasted time and lost revenue due to inefficient payment methods can cut into your practice’s bottom line.

Why Switch to an Integrated Payment Solution?

An integrated payment solution helps your chiropractic practice streamline chiropractic billing and payments, reduce manual errors, and simplify payment processing. By allowing you to access multiple automated features with a single sign-in, an integrated billing platform increases efficiency and boosts your practice’s revenue.

Faster Payment Processing

An integrated payment solution lets you process payments faster to reduce patient wait times and get paid sooner. Integrated payment solutions reduce the need for multiple vendors, allowing your chiropractic biller to operate from one platform and streamlining the payment process. Integrated software also updates patient ledgers automatically and adds revenue to your practice’s cash flow sooner.

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Less Redundancy

Automating patient payments in an integrated payment platform streamlines the chiropractic billing process, making it easier to manage cash flow. The right platform offers easy-to-use features for chiropractic billers to save credit card information and process payments quickly.

This solution lets billers spend less time on administrative chiropractic billing tasks and focus more on providing optimum patient care.

Better Patient Experience

Streamlined billing and payments improve the patient experience. Your patients no longer have to wait after appointments or remember to bring their payment information to each session.

With automated software, patients can pay through multiple methods, such as online, by phone, or by using a swipe or chip card or a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. These payment options ensure patients pay their balances on time using one of your convenient payment processes.

Improve Productivity and Patient Satisfaction with CT Payments

CT Payments is an integrated chiropractic billing tool that streamlines billing and payments for chiropractic billers. With CT Payments, you can improve productivity and patient satisfaction. The payment tool allows you to access charges, accept multiple payment types, and automate payments for better bookkeeping and cash flow.

Accept Multiple Payments Types

CT Payments’ secure online payment system lets patients pay in various ways, reducing non- or delayed payments. With CT Payments, patients can save their payment information to pay for services with payment plans and subscriptions as a convenient way to make chiropractic care more affordable and accessible and create recurring revenue.

The automated tool allows payment processing from one location, eliminating the need for multiple tools or vendors. Patients can pay for your chiropractic services using the following methods:

  • Swipe or chip
  • Apple Pay®
  • AndroidPay™
  • Google Pay™
  • By phone
  • Online

Automated Adjustments

With CT Payments, your chiropractic practice will have the ability to schedule payments to occur on a regular basis, which will happen automatically. The integrated billing platform automatically posts payments made in person or online to patient accounts, reducing the time it takes to see the payment reflected in your practice’s cash flow.

Automatic posting also minimizes the likelihood of manual data entry errors such as double- or misposting. This minimizes bookkeeping errors that can cause a hassle for your biller and keep your practice from seeing revenue growth.

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Streamline Chiropractic Billing and Payments with CT Payments

With CT Payments working seamlessly from within ChiroTouch, one screen really does do it all. Your practice will see enhanced patient experience while improving your billing and payment processes. Your staff will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care.

Book a demo today to discover how to create an excellent patient experience with streamlined chiropractic billing and payments from ChiroTouch.

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