Chiropractic EHR Software Checklist for Insurance Claims


  • When choosing an EHR software for your chiropractic practice, consider what your providers, chiropractic assistants (CAs), and billers need.
  • The best EHR software assists with compliant documentation, increased productivity, patient management, case management, instant communication, billing workflow, automated insurance, and electronic EOBs.
  • ChiroTouch EHR software is easy to use and has great features that meet all your EHR needs.

Every employee in your practice has a different role to play, and each role requires specific software features. As a result, many practices end up with multiple segmented programs that don’t always talk to one another, making reporting difficult and creating headaches for your staff.

At ChiroTouch, we know the needs of the entire chiropractic office — from provider to chiropractic assistant to biller — and make them all work together seamlessly. When your insurance practice implements a fully integrated EHR system, you can focus on patient care rather than dealing with multiple vendors and applications or troubleshooting technical problems.

What To Look for in a Chiropractic EHR System

Researching all the chiropractic EHR systems available to you can be overwhelming. How do you know which features will meet the needs of everyone in your practice? Use this checklist as a guide as you shop.

Provider Checklist

  • Compliant documentation
    The last thing chiropractors want is to deal with compliance issues because patient records didn’t update properly or integrate with billing and coding.
    Without compliant documentation, your practice runs the risk of coding and HIPAA issues, so it is vital that your EHR system addresses these concerns and keeps your documentation compliant.
    You want an EHR system that allows you to customize macros and instantly synchronize patient information so everyone in your practice is always up to date.
  • Increased productivity
    About 38% of practitioners spend more than 10 hours on administrative tasks per week. Your practice needs an EHR system that increases productivity by streamlining workflow and reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and paperwork.
    Your EHR system should synchronize all these tasks, seamlessly syncing information from one area to another so your team spends less time on data entry and more time focusing on patient care.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA) Checklist

  • Streamlined patient management
    CAs are responsible for patient management, including recalls, scheduling, and appointment documentation. Without an efficient EHR system, they are left to manually schedule patients and practitioners, juggling different pieces of patient information stored in different systems, and putting together a list of actions for providers and staff with no centralized system.
    To avoid these issues, look for an EHR system that keeps all patient information in one place, accessible by all staff members.
  • Case management
    You need a system that lets you access all patient information from a single screen and reduces duplicate data entry.
    Look for software with instant syncing to be sure that all data is current and available to everyone in your office who needs it.
  • Instant communication
    A beneficial EHR system will also allow you to communicate with everyone in the practice instantly with real-time synchronization.

Biller Checklist

  • Insurance integration
    The best chiropractic EHR software for insurance practices will have features that expedite and simplify the claims process.
    Look for software that integrates claims management with an insurance clearinghouse for seamless claims processing.
  • Automated insurance
    With an efficient EHR system, diagnostic and treatment codes are linked to SOAP notes, minimizing the chance for errors that can result in fines or harsh penalties. In addition, charge codes can be shared between the provider’s screen and the front desk screen, eliminating time-consuming, manual communication.
    An EHR system with automated insurance reduces the stress and worry of incorrect coding or rejected claims.
  • Electronic EOBs
    Rather than wait for EOBs and ERAs, receive them more quickly with a fully integrated EHR system. ERAs are automatically synced to patient ledgers. In addition, you can view updates to the documents and see primary insurance claims.
    A good chiropractic solution will include EHR features and the ability to receive EOBs electronically.
  • Billing workflow
    To decrease manual data entry and increase your ability to focus on other elements of the chiropractic workflow, choose an EHR system that streamlines billing processes and allows you to get paid more quickly with less paperwork.
    A good system integrates patient information with billing and insurance, leaving less room for human error.

ChiroTouch Checks All the Boxes for the Entire Staff

group of smiling people that use Chiropractic EHR Software

Most importantly, ChiroTouch is an all in one chiropractic practice management software that is easy to access, easy to learn, and easy to use — for every person in your practice. We help you get started with lots of tutorials to guide you through the program, and most of our users are running comfortably on their own in a few days.

ChiroTouch is also easy to personalize. We know that no two providers are alike, so we designed ChiroTouch with macros for fast and efficient chart notes, customizable for the way you like to work.

ChiroTouch for Providers

getting a chiropractic ehr software training

When it comes to compliant documentation, we’ve got you covered. ChiroTouch includes:

  • Documentation macros that match common case types, techniques, therapies, and diagnoses are already loaded into our chiropractic software, ready for you to use.
  • “Audit-proof” macros that include evidence-based treatment effectiveness and medical necessity and comply with guidelines for evaluation and management from third-party payers.
  • The ability to create custom macros along with fast touch-screen functionality so you can create SOAP notes in just 15 seconds.
  • Documentation templates for Medicare patients to help you navigate the specific requirements for SOAP notes.

We know you’re busy, and the bulk of your day should be spent with patients, not filling out paperwork. Our paperless workflow saves valuable time and increases productivity, freeing you up to spend more time with your patients or even grow your practice.

ChiroTouch software offers:

  • One screen that highlights everything — alerts, diagnosis codes, treatment plans, SOAP notes, and more.
  • Codes that sync quickly, so by the time your patient moves from the patient room to the front desk, their check-out information is ready.

ChiroTouch for CAs

smiling woman holding a tablet with chirotouch

A happy CA contributes to a better patient experience, and ChiroTouch software helps them efficiently manage patients and provides instant communication.

Intuitive patient management that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the practice helps CAs maintain a consistent, organized system. ChiroTouch includes:

  • Appointment and check-in lists.
  • Access to patient information with one click.
  • Color-coded appointment types to easily highlight information.

Automated alerts deliver timely information to everyone in the office. ChiroTouch software allows computerized alerts to be:

  • Customized by patient.
  • Based on individual treatment plans.
  • Displayed in seven instances throughout the patient’s visit: Scheduling, check-in, check-out, charting, patient record, ledger, and payment.

Never worry about anyone being out of the loop, which can lead to costly mistakes. ChiroTouch includes instant communication features, allowing your staff to always be up to date. Our communication features consist of:

  • Data that automatically syncs and is immediately accessible to everyone.
  • A Request Next Appointment function available from the Charting screen allows you to communicate requests to the front desk, such as when to schedule the patient for their next visit, if you need extra time with a patient, or to send custom notes.

ChiroTouch for Billers

typing on a laptop computer that has ehr software

This is where ChiroTouch truly shines for insurance practices. ChiroTouch integrates claims management with an insurance clearinghouse that billers can access with a single sign-on. No more dealing with multiple vendors and apps to process claims!

For insurance practices like yours, ChiroTouch simplifies billing tasks and often pays for itself with cost savings. Our hassle-free EHR software can increase your practice’s revenue in several ways:

  • Increased billing accuracy. ChiroTouch reduces errors and costly delays with automatic payments and claim submissions.
  • Decreased claim rejection rate. Claim rejections are probably costing your practice money.  While the average practice has a claim rejection rate of 5% to 10%, over half of all rejected claims are never reworked. And those that are cost an average of $25 to modify and resubmit. With the ChiroTouch Advanced plan, our users enjoy a 98% claims acceptance rate.
  • Flexible payment options with integrated features. About 30% of chiropractic patients leave the office without paying their bill. Multiple payment options increase the chance that patients will pay on the day of service.
  • Time savings. Manual data entry and coding are repetitive and redundant, keeping you from completing billing tasks quickly. ChiroTouch reduces errors and costly delays with automatic payments and claim submissions.
  • Faster payment. Communication with insurance companies takes time and effort. ChiroTouch streamlines the process through charge codes that integrate directly from the provider’s SOAP notes to the biller’s screen. ChiroTouch also automates the EOB process by automatically downloading them. You can see primary and secondary insurance claims, regardless of their status, and view the record of last activity.

ChiroTouch, the Chiropractic Standard in Practice Management Software

chirotouch ehr software screenshot

ChiroTouch is clearly the best choice for insurance practices like yours. Our integration of insurance claims management and clearhouse service clearly sets us ahead of the competition.

But ChiroTouch has much more to offer. From its all-in-one dashboard to its streamlined workflows for all the roles in your practice, ChiroTouch saves you time and money through every step of the patient journey.

Find Out How ChiroTouch Can Streamline Your Insurance Practice

Streamline the workflow for all the roles in your practice while you better support your employees and focus on patient care rather than paperwork.

Book a demo today to see how ChiroTouch’s 20 years of chiropractic experience can increase the efficiency and revenue of your insurance practice.

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