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  • Good chiropractic EHR practice management software is completely integrated and helps every role in the practice.
  • ChiroTouch gives chiropractors access to easy, compliant documentation templates and SOAP note functions.
  • ChiroTouch allows instant communication and intuitive patient flow for CAs.
  • ChiroTouch provides automated insurance and integrated billing for billers.
  • ChiroTouch is the best EHR practice management software for multi-provider practices.

Finding the right chiropractic EHR software for your multi-provider practice is a complex task. Practice management software helps you and your fellow chiropractors streamline your workflow so you can spend more time with patients. You also need to find a system that allows your chiropractic assistants and billers to be more efficient and help in other areas.

At ChiroTouch, we understand the need for chiropractic EHR practice management software that meets all your needs. With our 20 years of experience in the chiropractic industry, we know that you and your staff can better serve your patients and retain revenue when you implement a practice management system with automated syncing and practice-wide integration.

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What To Look For

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact needs that your chiropractic EHR software should fulfill, especially in a multi-provider practice. When evaluating chiropractic practice management software, it is helpful to use a checklist for each role to determine your needs.

Chiropractor Checklist

Compliant Documentation

Compliant documentation protects your practice and your patients. As a chiropractor, you are looking for a simple way to keep your documentation compliant with various regulations without costing you excessive time and effort. Look for an EHR system that automatically keeps your documents compliant with templates and built-in resources.

Increased Efficiency

You want your staff to complete their tasks efficiently to increase productivity for the practice. Look for practice management software that eliminates needless paperwork and redundancies so your staff can perform their work seamlessly and on time.

Access to Practice Data

When you have access to data on your practice, whether that is patient retention, new patient numbers, or scheduling issues, you can take action to fix mistakes or continue what you are doing. Look for a system that gives you real-time data with actionable insights.

Simpler SOAP Notes

With outdated systems, SOAP notes take 10-15 minutes to complete for each patient, setting you behind schedule. Choose an EHR system with touch-screen features and customizable macros to complete these notes quickly and easily.

Chiropractic Assistant (CA)Checklist

Pop-up Alerts

As a CA, you need to quickly communicate with different departments in the multi-provider practice to get your job done. A helpful EHR system provides efficient pop-up alerts and automatic syncing so everyone in your practice always has up-to-the minute information.

Online Scheduling

Look for software with an online scheduling feature. More than 34% of appointments are scheduled during non-business hours, and 63% of new patients prefer to schedule an appointment online.

Your CA will appreciate that patients can book, change, or cancel appointments on their own, freeing your CA up for other, more meaningful tasks.

Intuitive Patient Flow

CAs need an intuitive patient flow system that allows them to spend less time answering the phone to schedule and cancel appointments or check patients in and out.

Automatic Patient Management

Choose an EHR system that allows for automatic alerts for staff and patients to reduce missed appointments and cancellations and sync patient information, so everyone is working from the same data.

Chiropractic Biller Checklist

Automated Insurance

Manually filing insurance claims is not only time consuming, but it also opens your practice up to coding errors and costly rejected claims. A good EHR system has a built-in automated insurance feature that makes the entire claims process simple and risk-free.

Integrated Billing

Chiropractic billers sometimes have to deal with multiple payment systems and manual bookkeeping tasks. This leads to mistakes, lost revenue, late payments, and turning potential patients away. A system with integrated billing eliminates these issues and allows your biller to accept more payments and get you paid faster and can help you comply with NSA rules through automated insurance processing and billing features.

ChiroTouch Checks All the Boxes

ChiroTouch is a completely integrated chiropractic EHR practice management system that checks all the boxes for every role in your multi-provider practice. It is accessible from any location with an internet connection and provides customizable templates that you and your staff can practice your way.

ChiroTouch for Providers

For the providers in your practice, ChiroTouch simplifies administrative tasks and frees up time for you to spend caring for patients. It also provides a seamlessly integrated program that helps you revolutionize the workflow in your practice, allowing you to accept more patients and increase revenue.

ChiroTouch allows you to:

Keep Compliant Documentation

Our preloaded macros help you document techniques, case types, and diagnoses codes with ease. Our BulletTouch macros provide you with audit-proof formatting and resources.

Complete SOAP Notes in Seconds

90% of users report an improvement on SOAP notes and charting with our 15-second touch-screen SOAP notes feature.

See Actionable Insights on Your Practice

ChiroTouch provides you with an all-in-one dashboard where you can access patient information, communicate with your team, and see actionable reports on the practice’s performance.

ChiroTouch for CAs

CAs are looking for an updated, intuitive system that manages the patient flow and case management and provides instant communication with the entire office. ChiroTouch meets all the needs of a chiropractic assistant with features that allow you to:

  • View the day’s appointments and see who is checked in
  • Pull up patient information with one click
  • Customize alerts to pop up at different points in the patient visit
  • Set reminders for patients for upcoming appointments
  • Access automatically synced patient data
  • Give patients access to online scheduling that is synced with the software
  • Switch between providers using the color-coded screen to simplify patient scheduling
  • Store patient cards for payments so there’s no need to process cards or enter manually with each visit

ChiroTouch for Billers

ChiroTouch is especially helpful to chiropractic billers because of its automated insurance feature. Automatic claims submission and integrated coding features simplify insurance for chiropractic billers, eliminating the stress and worry of coding errors and claims denials.

ChiroTouch makes chiropractic and billing and insurance easier by:

  • Automatically posting payments and submitting claims
  • Eliminating the need for multiple programs with integrated payment processing
  • Providing seamless insurance management during the claims process
  • Automatically synching insurance codes from SOAP notes
  • Synching provider screen with the front-desk screen
  • Allowing access to electronic EOBs and automatically downloaded ERAs
  • ChiroTouch for the Whole Practice
  • When you switch to ChiroTouch, it benefits the entire practice. ChiroTouch is the best chiropractic EHR software solution for every type of practice.

Chiro Touch is:

  • Intuitive to use. ChiroTouch features an intuitive design and interface, displaying patient information in one dashboard.
  • Straightforward to learn. We provide an in-app help system that guides you through tasks step by step,, online training resources for every role in your practice, on-demand videos, and a searchable knowledge base.
  • Customizable.  ChiroTouch empowers you to run your practice your way with customizable templates and macros.
  • One system. Complete integration offers you an all-in-one solution for every role in your practice to boost efficiency and revenue.
  • Customer satisfaction driven. ChiroTouch users feel supported and highly satisfied.  Many of our users have been with us for 10+ years, and over 50% of our new customers are referred by existing users.
  • Most experienced. ChiroTouch has 20+ years of experience in chiropractic EHR practice management systems with over 13,000 loyal customers.
  • Secure.  With ChiroTouch, your whole practice is secure. Our software protects your patient’s protected health information and safeguards your practice from the headaches of data hacks and security breaches.
  • Innovative.  At ChiroTouch, we listen to your feedback and constantly work to improve customer experience and features to benefit your practice

Find Out How ChiroTouch Benefits Multi-Provider Practices

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