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This article explores the experiences and insights of Susan Edwards,practice management consultant from Reliance Consulting and Management Group. Susan has extensive experience working with chiropractors to navigate the changes that come with investing in a new practice management solution.

The chiropractors Susan has worked with have seen great improvements in their workflows since switching to cloud-based ChiroTouch, resulting in streamlined practice operations and increased revenue.

Following are insights based on Susan’s experience.

The Challenges

Chiropractic clinics encounter various challenges in practice management and revenue optimization. These challenges include the need for streamlined workflows, efficient staff training, accurate billing processes, and effective communication with software providers. Susan’s insights highlight the importance of addressing these challenges to improve operational efficiency and financial performance.

ChiroTouch as a Solution

Susan highly recommends ChiroTouch as a powerful cloud-based solution for chiropractors. She emphasizes how the software provides chiropractors with a comprehensive range of integrated tools and features that address the common challenges they face.

According to Susan, “The functionality is transformative. ChiroTouch’s complete integration and real-time visibility have proven highly effective in addressing the common challenges chiropractors face, empowering them to streamline their practice operations and optimize revenue.”

Susan also highlights the following benefits to chiropractors of making the switch to ChiroTouch.

Transition to the Cloud

The transition to cloud-based ChiroTouch marks a major step forward for chiropractors. Susan explains the significant benefits of real-time visibility, improved workflows, and simplified documentation and note-taking processes. ChiroTouch’s user-friendly, comprehensive dashboards provide a holistic view of the practice, leading to better management and decision-making.

“The cloud version of ChiroTouch comes with beautiful dashboards that allow you to see anything that’s going on. The dashboard puts everything right in front of you. Plus, the navigation is tremendous. Once a doctor becomes acclimated, they are really pleased with it.” – Susan Edwards

Staff Training and Support

During the transition to ChiroTouch, staff training and support are crucial. “ChiroTouch offers an extensive multimodal library of training materials that facilitate efficient onboarding and help staff to become proficient with the software,” says Susan.

The cloud-based platform enhances staff productivity, reduces errors, and empowers front desk staff with a complete view of patient information and streamlined payment collection processes.

The documentation area for the providers is very easy to navigate. They’re not only able to see what they’re doing for today, they can go back and see what they did the previous visit to make sure they’re following the treatment plan,” adds Susan.

The Results: Success Stories

Susan shares the success story of one of her clients, Dr. John, a chiropractor who successfully transitioned to ChiroTouch’s cloud-based platform. Dr. John’s practice experienced substantial time savings, reduced billing errors, improved workflows, and enhanced staff productivity. The practice-wide dashboards and real-time visibility provided by ChiroTouch have enabled Dr. John to monitor and manage their practice more efficiently.

“Once you get this down, you’re going to see such an incredible change in your workflow. You’re going to be so grateful that it happened.” – Susan Edwards

Recommendations and Best Practices

Based on her experience, Susan offers valuable recommendations for chiropractic practices considering the transition to ChiroTouch. These include:

  • Set realistic expectations for staff who may be uncomfortable with change.
  • Evaluate and align workflows with the software.
  • Invest in staff training.
  • Ask your support team questions that may arise about transitioning merchant services, clearinghouses, and other integrations.
  • Use the available resources and support channels provided by ChiroTouch.

Top Tip: Identify a single point of contact for the transition period and ensure this person is freed up of other responsibilities in the office so they can focus on pre- and post-transition requirements for the staff and vendors.

Effective communication and preparation are vital for a successful transition. Following these basic principles — talk, share, and prepare — will make a huge impact on your experience.


As an expert in practice management solutions and implementation, Susan Edwards has first hand knowledge of the transformative impact of ChiroTouch’s cloud-based practice management software on chiropractic clinics. By addressing common challenges faced by chiropractors and staff, streamlining workflows, improving revenue management, and providing real-time visibility, ChiroTouch empowers chiropractors to enhance their practice operations, boost productivity, and optimize financial performance. Susan’s insights and the success story of Dr. John demonstrate the positive outcomes that can be achieved by leveraging ChiroTouch’s comprehensive solution.

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