ChiroTouch Announces 6.7 - Chirotouch
October 17, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article Other

ChiroTouch has been busy with yet another update to the nation’s leading chiropractic EHR software.  This year ChiroTouch has been focusing their improvements on helping chiropractors stay on track of the quality outcomes.  They are dedicated to helping doctors comply with MACRA/MIPS requirements, with yet another enhancement that will make it easier for those chiropractors participating.

The Quality Center

With the 6.7 release ChiroTouch’s Quality Center supports data entry for the Clinical Quality Measures.  Each measure has information and link’s out to a resource that helps with documentation.  The real customer benefit – it’s a one stop shop for the provider to enter in patient information relating to their quality measures.  The Quality center facilitates the transition for those participating in QPP.  As reporting, has been moving towards QPP, ChiroTouch is updating the list of CQMs, keep in mind the quality portion makes up 60% of the providers score, so there is an added emphasis to this segment.  With 10 best in class Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), five of which are brand new, these improvements show their commitment to helping providers participating in MACRA/MIPS.  With the added capabilities to understand how they are tracking against quality, which will be a very big shift in the profession over the upcoming year.

In fact, ChiroTouch created a website of resources dedicated to helping those transitioning from meaningful use to MACRA/MIPS.  The page has a wealth of information that anyone can access.  It includes webinars, blogs, the official ruling, frequently asked questions and much more.

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