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  • The ChiroTouch Community is a core element of the ChiroTouch ecosystem, offering comprehensive support to users.
  • Our ChiroTouch Community offers resources like FAQs, on-demand videos, articles, and discussion threads where users post experiences and solutions. 
  • With expert insights, you can learn from those who have used ChiroTouch to run their practice.
  • With changes on the way, joining the ChiroTouch Community means you belong to a thriving, supportive circle of peers and product experts.  

With changing technologies and approaches in chiropractic care, you may feel like you’re on your own, or uncertain about handling challenges in your practice. A 2018 survey found that 25% of medical providers feel isolated at least once a week, and 6% feel lonely every day.

ChiroTouch offers several resources to support chiropractors through our ChiroTouch Community, moderated by ChiroTouch team member Hilary Snow. This hub is where providers and staff who use ChiroTouch every day share ideas and support.

We sat down with Hilary recently to learn more about her role with ChiroTouch Community and how ChiroTouch users can make the most of this thriving community.

Meet Hilary Snow, the Heartbeat of ChiroTouch Community

As the moderator of the ChiroTouch Community, Hilary Snow is the go-to person for ensuring that this space remains a vibrant, helpful, and welcoming environment for all users.

Hilary’s role is multifaceted, encompassing everything from troubleshooting technical issues to fostering meaningful discussions among community members. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking guidance or a long-time user with insights to share, Hilary is there to facilitate connections and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Hilary has guided the ChiroTouch Community into a dynamic network of support specialists and users who share troubleshooting solutions and experiences.

A Wealth of Resources for Your Practice

With active discussions that have seen 60 discussions and 12,000 searches in the last 30 days, it’s clear that this community is meeting the needs of practitioners and promoting a collaborative user experience.

Hilary says, “We are proud of the vibrant and supportive community we are building with our customers. It is a hub of knowledge and collaboration, where you can find answers, solutions, and inspiration. The more you participate, the more you benefit.” 

We’ve designed the ChiroTouch Community to be much more than a support system. It’s an on-demand resource, available for users to tap into at any time, from anywhere.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find when you log in:

  • Getting Started section. There is a wealth of information here, covering the community guidelines, resources for using the software, and role-specific guidance.
  • FAQ. A time-saving resource for the most commonly asked questions.
  • User discussion threads. Users can begin a discussion about anything ChiroTouch-related, which can be searched to find quick answers. You’ll find real solutions here from other users, based on their real-life experiences with the software.
  • Role-specific resources. While all users have access to the entire knowledge base, information is organized in a way that makes it easy to find the answers you need — whether you’re a provider, a CA, or a biller.
  • On-demand videos, tutorials, and articles. Our library archive has over 600 articles and FAQs, 40 in-depth learning courses, plus 51 videos available to ChiroTouch users.

chirotouch community page

For questions requiring immediate technical help, users are guided to contact our specialized support team for assistance.

A Safe Source for Support

In a world where every online interaction often feels like a sales pitch, the ChiroTouch Community stands apart. Our primary focus is on creating a supportive and informative environment.

“We really wanted a safe space for our clients to come in and ask questions and get qualified, correct information without feeling like they would be sold to.”

This commitment to a commercialism-free zone ensures that when you log into the ChiroTouch Community, you’re entering a space designed for genuine learning and sharing.

Chirotouch Community Getting Started

Peer-to-Peer Discussions and Expert Insights

ChiroTouch Community users can benefit from increasing their engagement with the peer-to-peer discussion boards. These discussion boards offer user posts and expert observations on system issues.

Peer-to-Peer Discussions

New and experienced ChiroTouch users can post questions and answers in peer discussion threads. These threads help you realize that others face similar issues, and while moderators can help, the best solutions often come from fellow users.

Hilary offers an example:

“Practices sometimes face problems with external devices. In one post, a practice said: ‘We are struggling with our printing margins. Does anyone know how to fix this?’ Another provider suggested: ‘Try adjusting the paper size settings on your printer. It worked for me!’ The practice was delighted with this handy tip and thanked the provider for their help.”

chirotouch community peer to peer discussions

Expert Insights

In the ChiroTouch Community, newcomers have the advantage of learning from the  wealth of knowledge and experience from seasoned members who have mastered the ChiroTouch software. Users can ask questions and get answers from a diverse group of participants, including DCs, CAs, front desk, office management, billing and insurance administrators, and more.

“Providers are active in the Community, and as people who are excelling with our product, they’re sharing their insights and best practices with others.”

For example, you may see advice from expert users like Dr. Lisa Long, a long-time user who is now part of our testing group.

In a recent article, Dr. Long shared about features like pre-formatted macros or cloud capabilities that can improve your proficiency with ChiroTouch. This knowledge can drive better financial and patient experience outcomes for your practice.

Open Communication: The Backbone of Product Reliability

Open communication is a cornerstone of the ChiroTouch Community. When there are known issues affecting the software, our team promptly communicates these issues through community announcements and updates.

“If at any time we experience any issue within the software, we notify our users promptly … they see our actions to ensure our product is dependable and safe.”

This transparency extends to the development process. We actively seek feedback from community members about what features they would like to see, what improvements can be made, and what issues need urgent attention.

This collaborative feedback loop not only makes our product stronger but also gives you a voice in shaping the tools you use daily. It’s a two-way street: We provide a robust, reliable product, and you help us understand how to make it even better.

How to Get the Most Out of ChiroTouch Community

Harnessing the full potential of ChiroTouch Community requires a shift in user mindset. While you may be tempted to turn to the community only when faced with a troubleshooting issue, the true value of these features is consistent and anticipatory participation.

By actively and regularly checking relevant discussions, viewing tutorials, and sharing within the community, you can anticipate challenges, better understand the software, and implement solutions before problems escalate.

“We hope users appreciate the community as an asset to be utilized not only reactively, but also proactively.”

This proactive approach reduces the wait for callbacks and fosters a collaborative environment where members empower each other with knowledge and experience.

ChiroTouch Community: Focus on the Future

Hilary and the ChiroTouch team continue to develop community features that provide better access to information and support new and current members.

Brand Ambassadors

Hilary and the ChiroTouch team are also looking at ways to continually engage the most active and knowledgeable members of the Community for the value they provide to other members:

“Our goal is to build strong connections with our engaged community members and make them our advocates. They have a crucial role in assisting their peers with their specialized and distinctive perspective.”

Master Classes

While still in the ideation stage, the team is talking about creating a series of master classes. Those who complete the classes would earn badges that identify them as experts who other members can feel confident about turning to with their questions.

And Hilary assures us that there’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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