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March 9, 2023 by ChiroTouch Team Article EHR


  • Capterra and GetApp picked ChiroTouch as a leading chiropractic practice management software based on user ratings and functionality. 
  • ChiroTouch’s cloud capabilities, real-time updates, secure data storage, and integrated insurance and billing features earned it awards from Capterra and GetApp.
  • ChiroTouch offers an easy-to-use help system for users of its all-in-one EHR and practice management solution. 

We are proud to announce that as the leading chiropractic practice management software for chiropractors, ChiroTouch has earned badges from GetApp and Capterra for outstanding performance in user satisfaction and popularity. These badges are a testament to our commitment to providing users with the best possible EHR software.

ChiroTouch Earns Capterra and GetApp Badges

Capterra and GetApp recognized ChiroTouch as a leading chiropractic practice management software based on high ratings and popularity for specific features. ChiroTouch’s inclusion on both review sites shows its functionality, user ratings, and relevance to chiropractic practices across the U.S.

capterra shortlist for 2022

ChiroTouch Listed on Capterra’s 2022 Shortlist

ChiroTouch earned a Capterra Badge on Capterra’s 2022 Shortlist for Chiropractic Software.

Capterra chooses software with at least 20 reviews in the previous two years that meets specific popularity, functionality, and user-rating requirements. The review platform bases the products’ scores solely on user reviews and popularity data to put together the Shortlist.

When Capterra ranked software for its 2022 Shortlist, it looked at two factors: how much people like the product and its popularity. User ratings are based on overall user rates on a 1-5 scale for the last 24 months. The popularity score was derived from the average monthly search volume for keywords and the position of the vendor’s domain in the search engine results. Capterra combined the two scores for ratings and popularity into a final score between 1 and 50.

Based on the reviews for ChiroTouch on Capterra, high ratings and popularity for automated insurance, billing, cash payment features, and ease of use, make ChiroTouch an Established Player. Customers noted the speed and ability to include add-ons while remaining compliant with HIPAA while using ChiroTouch. They also note the seamless integration of online scheduling, auto-population of paperwork, self-check-ins, and availability of payment options.

getapp category leaders 2022

ChiroTouch Ranks as GetApps’ Category Leaders in Chiropractic Software

ChiroTouch gained a GetApp badge as one of GetApp’s Category Leaders in Chiropractic Software.

GetApp evaluates hundreds of software products in each category based on user ratings in five key areas to determine its 2022 Category Leaders. The five key areas include ease of use, customer support, value for money, functionality, and likelihood of recommending the product to others. Each category’s maximum score is 20 points for an overall possible score of 100.

Category Leaders must have at least 20 reviews on GetApp in the past 24 months, demonstrate sufficient functionality, and be relevant to North American software buyers.

The highest-scoring products are featured in a radar chart that compares a product’s score to its average score in that category.

GetApp awarded the badge to ChiroTouch in recognition of customer support, reporting features, and functionality. Customers praised ChiroTouch’s efficiency and user-friendliness. A client noted an increase in reimbursement due to ChiroTouch’s integrated features.

What Makes ChiroTouch Cloud-Based Chiropractic Practice Management Software Stand Out?

The awards from Capterra and GetApp show ChiroTouch’s commitment to offering chiropractors an efficient practice management software experience. The software’s cloud capabilities, integrated features, and continuous innovation have helped ChiroTouch achieve these rankings.

Cloud Capability

ChiroTouch is a cloud-based platform with real-time updates and modern encryption and authentication to ensure the safety and privacy of your patient data. You can feel secure knowing that your practice data is safe from natural disasters and cyberattacks thanks to ChiroTouch’s off-site storage and automatic backup feature.

All-in-One Solution

ChiroTouch integrates electronic health records and practice management in a single cloud-based platform. The platform offers functionality for all practice roles, including 15-second SOAP notes for chiropractors, integrated billing and insurance for billers, and scheduling for chiropractic assistants.

Always listening. Always Innovating. Always Here.

Our continuous improvement strategy involves chiropractors, employees, and customers, making ChiroTouch a leader in chiropractic software for over 20 years. ChiroTouch is constantly evolving with ongoing innovation and an extensive library of training materials to make it even easier for you to learn and navigate.

You Can Count on ChiroTouch!

ChiroTouch’s award-winning integrated features and insurance and billing workflows increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Its clean and modern interface makes it easy to navigate, with everything you need to manage your practice.

ChiroTouch has so much more to offer and can truly transform your practice. We know that every practice is unique, so we built in role-specific functionality that boosts productivity and efficiency for every team member.

Schedule a demo with one of our ChiroTouch Specialists today, and let us help you take your practice to the next level.

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