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As you prepare to begin your work as a chiropractor through education and work experience, you probably have questions about how to run a successful practice and the practical steps involved in getting there.

In your coursework, you learn about human anatomy, chiropractic techniques, and treatment plans, but there is much more to a chiropractic practice than treating patients.

Many education programs never teach students how to run a practice, leaving them unprepared for the many challenges involved.

Chiropractors need to know about practice management, including how to find and keep new patients, how to bill patients and insurance companies to get prompt payment, how to ensure you remain in compliance with regulations, how to communicate with patients effectively, and much more.

No matter how great your technical skills as a chiropractor are, the success of your practice will be compromised if you don’t also attend to the details of practice management. You’ll need to know how to run your practice in a way that satisfies your patients’ needs and keeps them coming to you rather than a competitor.

Education Never Stops

Your education in the field of chiropractic practice will never stop; there are always new things to learn. Most states require continuing education to be a part of your professional life, as the profession constantly changes and new methods are discovered or created.

You can demonstrate that you have met the requirements of your state by taking CE courses or attending other training that awards these credits.

You can find a list of state-by-state continuing education requirements for chiropractors here. Generally, CE credits come with a cost and are limited to coursework approved by your state, but again, requirements vary.

Since COVID-19 has become a factor in whether states and organizations are providing live, in-person training opportunities, many states have loosened their CE requirements and either reduced the hours needed or are accepting more of those hours in the form of online training. Some states have done both.

Regardless of state mandates, however, you will still want to learn as much as you can about your profession, including practice management best practices and ways of maximizing the income your practice can generate.

Besides taking officially recognized CE courses, another way to do that is to look for information from trusted online sources that can help you fill knowledge gaps or supplement your coursework.

The internet is full of webinars, articles, newsletters, and podcasts, but not all of them will be worth your time. You need to look for trustworthy information from experts in the field.

ChiroTouch is one of the most trusted companies in the chiropractic industry. We work hard to keep our users informed, so our website is a great place to find resources from experts in every aspect of the profession, including successful chiropractors who are worth learning from and emulating.

We also partner with respected thought leaders in chiropractic practice and education. We’re proud to incorporate their collected experience and wisdom into the resources we offer to our audience of chiropractic professionals and students.

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ChiroTouch Is a Resource for Students

ChiroTouch is a cloud-based practice management system that automates many time-consuming functions that chiropractic practices need to handle, like appointment scheduling and reminders, invoicing and billing, and record-keeping.

Not only can our integrated chiropractic EHR save the average practice at least 20 hours a week in routine tasks, but our website can be a significant time-saver. It’s packed with valuable information for chiropractors and chiropractic students who are training for the profession — all in one place.

On the Resources page, you will find information about such useful topics as patient care, business management, compliance with regulations, COVID-19, dealing with insurance companies, and electronic health records (EHRs).

Our website offers valuable information in many forms. These include:

Articles: We publish new articles every week on a wide range of topics of interest to chiropractic professionals at every stage of their careers. Much of it is useful information to students, and as you progress in your career, continuing to follow our blog will keep you well-informed on information you need to run a successful practice.

Recent topics have included everything from the most popular tools of the trade to  practice marketing, patient engagement, and patient retention.

Here’s a sampling:

Weekly webinars. We interview chiropractic professionals from multiple regions of the country and post these weekly. These webinars cover many topics that may interest you as you prepare for your career as a chiropractic professional, such as:

You’ll also find more nuts-and-bolts topics such as information relevant to state laws (which differ from state to state), HIPAA and CMS regulations, and information specific to the various roles in a chiropractic practice — providers, chiropractic assistants, and billers.

Monthly podcasts. We produce a podcast each month in which we have discussions with chiropractors, influencers, and other experts on practice management, software tips, and other topics of interest to anyone in the chiropractic profession.

Recent topics of special interest to students and new chiropractors have included:

The Four Seasons of the Chiropractic Career

How to Build a Great Team for a Successful Chiropractic Practice

How to Create a Never-Ending Stream of New Patients

Newsletter. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which delivers up-to-the-minute information on many topics of interest to chiropractors and others in the profession, right to your inbox.

Our Resource Center Is Designed for You — No Matter Where You Are In Your Chiropractic Journey

The information ChiroTouch provides helps new and existing practices become more efficient and more successful. It also gives students a wealth of information about the practical aspects of the profession and guidance for those who are ready to start their own practices.

When that day arrives, you will also need well-trained staff in many practice management skills. Our resource center can be a valuable resource for them, too — and one that’s always updating — to allow for a smoother transition for you from the classroom to the exam room.

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Practical Considerations for Your Future Practice

As the head of your practice, you will need convenient access to information. By following our blog, you will have access to a rich collection of resources to keep you informed as you get closer to reaching your goals.

As a new practicing chiropractor, this level of preparation will give you a leg up on your competition and create an efficient and successful practice that inspires confidence and attracts patient referrals.

Consider making ChiroTouch the backbone of your new chiropractic practice. Not only will your patients be well adjusted, but your practice will be, too.

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