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April 29, 2016 by ChiroTouch Article Other

San Diego, CA—April 29th, 2016—ChiroTouch™, the nation’s leader in chiropractic software, is pleased to announce the launch of its new SmartCloud Front Desk module, the latest innovation in ChiroTouch’s commitment to helping chiropractors simplify their practices and increase efficiency.

“This new module is intuitive and convenient—just what every chiropractor needs to run an efficient practice,” said Robert Moberg, CEO of ChiroTouch. “We’re thrilled to offer another innovation that will help chiropractors dedicate their time to what matters most: maximizing patient care.”

SmartCloud is chiropractic’s leading cloud-based EHR software that uses secure cloud storage to extend a practice beyond its four walls. SmartCloud allows chiropractors and their patients to access important healthcare information anytime, anywhere, which results in a more satisfying experience for patients and a much more efficient, cost-effective workflow for the practice.

“Initial interactions with the new Front Desk App in our Training Clinic have been positive,” reported Dr. Deb Robertson-Moore from Cleveland University in Kansas City. “I believe the Patient Flow in the new Front Desk App will streamline patient check-ins as well as payments and patient check-outs. The Manage Blockouts and the Patient Flow functions appear to be great additions to the software! We’re looking forward to implementation of the new Front Desk App into our live clinic.”

The new SmartCloud Front Desk module replaces the existing Scheduling module and is designed to ease the work of the front desk staff and ensure the proper handling of patient flow with just a few clicks. It includes much-anticipated features such as:

* Enhanced calendar views and navigation
* Recurring appointment scheduling
* Block-out scheduling for breaks, vacations, etc.
* Detailed patient engagement, appointment, and birthday lists
* Quick on-the-fly appointment scheduling with integrated patient search
* Patient flow management through check-in, treatment, and check-out

ChiroTouch offers two ONC certified EHR chiropractic software systems, one cloud-based and one on premise. Both systems are designed from the ground up to maximize efficiencies for virtually every process, including patient self-check-in, scheduling, SOAP notes, billing, interoffice communication, and more. ChiroTouch has developed its ICD-10 ready and HIPAA-compliant systems to drastically reduce the time it takes to perform tasks that chiropractors are already doing, thus giving chiropractors more time to see more patients—resulting in increased referrals, improved efficiencies, and a direct, measurable impact on practice profitability.

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