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September 23, 2019 by CT Marketing Article EHR, Reporting

ChiroTouch, the leading provider of electronic healthcare records and practice management software for the chiropractic profession, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Academy of Chiropractic that will expand its personal injury (PI) patient care offerings and resources. Drs. Mark Studin and William J. Owens, co-founders of the Academy, along with Dr. Bryan Weissman, director of clinical content at ChiroTouch, were instrumental in the collaboration.

The Academy of Chiropractic specializes in not only helping DCs form PI patient referral networks with lawyers, emergency departments, medical specialists and medical primary care providers, but also educates on the unique documentation standards required for settlement and for use in the courtroom. Together, Drs. Studin and Owens bring more than 60 years of personal injury case experience to ChiroTouch.

“For the untrained DC, PI cases can be difficult for two reasons,” explained Dr. Studin. “First, many DCs don’t know how to position themselves and their clinical excellence to attract referral sources for PI patients. Secondly, most do not understand the documentation required in personal injury because the needs constantly change as lawyers react to the courts on a national scale. Without understanding the process, DCs are simply unprepared to take on PI cases. The Academy of Chiropractic and ChiroTouch together aim to change that, starting with efficient and accurate documentation at the core of the solution.”

“The Academy of Chiropractic’s programs address these issues,” Dr. Studin continued. “And as a result, we’ve generated more than 935,000 personal injury patient referrals into chiropractic offices in 49 states. We have also expanded referral sources from primarily the legal field to include MD primary care providers, MD specialists, urgent care centers and hospitals. The results have far exceeded our expectations.”

Through this new partnership, more DCs will have access to high-quality personal injury education and the documentation tools needed to create notes that help support compliance and reimbursement by meeting insurance carriers’ required algorithms. They will also be able to render thorough and conservative documents needed to foster referral relationships with collaborating medical providers.

With BulletTouch PI macros, DCs can create SOAP notes in seconds and document a new PI patient episode as well as re-evaluation visit in a manner that supports compliance and reimbursement by meeting insurance carriers’ required algorithms.

Drs. Studin, Owens, and Weissman have worked diligently to make the Academy of Chiropractic’s electronic medical record macro sets available exclusively in ChiroTouch. The new macro set, BulletTouch PI, will be available as a free download from the ChiroTouch macros library when it’s released. When using BulletTouch PI, providers are prompted to include specific information required for Colossus, resulting in compliant chart notes that can be completed easily and quickly. In addition, practices can reduce documentation time with the accompanying examination sheet that allows a scribe to assist the provider in completing an evaluation and management encounter.

The partnership will also provide educational content that will soon be available online to ChiroTouch clients and non-clients alike. Available within the resources section of, this content will include a series of articles as well as a 10-installment webinar series in which a variety of personal injury topics will be discussed. Featuring Drs. Studin and Owens and moderated by Dr. Weissman, planned webinar subject matter includes: The proper use of X-ray and MRI in clinical chiropractic, chiropractic vs. physical therapy for spinal care, and report writing for PI, cash and managed care.

For a tour of the ChiroTouch software including the new BulletTouch PI macros, please book a demo here.

About the Academy of Chiropractic

The Academy of Chiropractic is an organization dedicated to the expansion of chiropractic graduate education worldwide and developing customized business strategies for doctors worldwide. By supporting ongoing professional advancement and a plan to get referral sources running after our doctors our goal is to dramatically increase chiropractic utilization globally. To learn more, visit

About Dr. Mark Studin

Dr. Mark Studin has been practicing chiropractic since 1981. He currently teaches at various levels in both chiropractic and medical academia in three chiropractic colleges and two medical schools. He has lectured to over 250,000 lawyers, both plaintiff and defense, and currently consults doctors of chiropractic in 49 states. This involvement gives him a unique perspective on the future trends in the chiropractic profession. Click here to view Dr. Studin’s curriculum vitae.

About Dr. William J. Owens

Dr. William J. Owens has been a practicing chiropractor since 1998. He is an adjunct associate professor at the State University of New at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences teaching both Family Practice and Neurology residents how to collaborate and refer to chiropractic. He was the first chiropractor to graduate from the Royal College of Physician’s Certified Physician Educatore Program in 2016.  Additionally, Dr. Owens teaches at three chiropractic colleges at the post-graduate level where he focuses on both primary medical care providers and specialists in collaborating with, and referring to, the chiropractic profession. Click here to view Dr. Owen’s curriculum vitae.

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