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Dr. Lisa Long, a seasoned chiropractor, has been using ChiroTouch from its early stages. As a member of the early adopter program, she transitioned through various software versions to the current cloud-based system, providing helpful feedback and suggestions along the way.

Dr. Lisa’s testimonial highlights her journey as an early adopter and beta tester, providing invaluable insights into the evolution and efficiency of the system.

Dr. Lisa praises the cloud version’s intuitiveness, security, and features that streamline patient care. Keep reading to learn how using cloud-based ChiroTouch helped Dr. Lisa’s busy practice, giving her more time to spend on patient care and less time on admin.

Dr. Lisa’s Journey With ChiroTouch

Dr. Lisa Long’s journey with different EHRs has spanned several years. She started out using early versions, like Econnect and Smart Practice. After a few iterations, the software evolved into the advanced cloud-based platform she uses today.

ChiroTouch’s commitment to continually progressing and using advancements in technology like auto CPT coding and reporting functions makes it a comprehensive practice management solution for chiropractors.

Dr. Lisa has seen ChiroTouch grow and evolve, offering new, innovative features that make it a reliable EHR that supports her practice. She remarks, “It’s been a long time coming to get to the cloud-based, and I’m so happy with the cloud-based system. I’m very proud of ChiroTouch making such advances in the technology . . . when it comes to efficiency and all the different applications that they have in the system.”

As part of a testing group, Dr. Lisa provided feedback to ChiroTouch, helping to shape the software’s reporting and macros features. “I chose to be a test site for ChiroTouch, which gave me a jumpstart in using and providing feedback on the system. I shared improvement ideas with the developers, and some team members checked in with me every few months to see how I was doing, which I really appreciate,” explains Dr. Lisa.

Technology and Practice: Efficient, Intuitive, Compliant

Dr. Lisa seamlessly integrated ChiroTouch into her daily routine. For example, the user-friendly design allows for easy navigation between charting, SOAP notes, and coding screens, which streamlines her workflow. The efficiency gained through tasks such as charting and documentation means Dr. Lisa can dedicate more time to seeing patients.

The user-friendly platform lets her quickly move from one screen to another. “I like the intuitiveness of the program, getting from one screen into another, different areas of the program — it’s very efficient in the way it’s set up and thought out,” says Dr. Lisa.

The software’s quick documentation includes customizable charting and macros features. Its pre-formatted macros, or quick keys, allow users to complete SOAP notes in seconds. Dr. Lisa states, “I like the macros; they just make note-taking so much easier, so much more efficient.”

Users can create personalized shortcuts with macros, which according to Dr. Lisa, offers “a little bit more leeway, more options to create certain things in your macros.”

Dr. Lisa continually refines her macros, highlighting ChiroTouch’s adaptability: “I keep modifying and making [macros] better and better as I go along. They give me the capability to do that.”

Using these features means she can get chart notes done quickly and efficiently. “I know that my chart notes are done when they come in . . . that’s a good aspect I love about ChiroTouch,” explains Dr. Lisa.

No matter what size your practice is, accurate CPT codes are crucial for ensuring fast insurance processing to maintain your practice’s cash flow. Medicare has strict requirements for coding, and ChiroTouch SOAP note templates ensure that Dr. Lisa is always CMS compliant.

ChiroTouch SOAP notes templates are designed to be audit proof by including evidence-based treatment effectiveness and medical necessity. They are also compliant with evaluation and management guidelines required by third-party payers.

Flexibility and Convenience: A Solo Practitioner’s Dream

Flexibility and convenience are central to the modern healthcare experience, and ChiroTouch offers just that, especially for solo practitioners like Dr. Lisa. The all-in-one platform is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an internet connection. This means users can access patient data, scheduling, and reports even when they aren’t in the office.

When faced with unexpected challenges, Dr. Lisa doesn’t miss a beat. “The fact that I can get my program on my cell phone is the greatest thing because if I’m sick, if I have a snowstorm, I don’t have to come all the way over to the practice like I used to.”

For Dr. Lisa, managing snow days from the comfort of home isn’t the only benefit to accessing cloud-based ChiroTouch from anywhere. “Another thing I love is working from home. I can do work for tomorrow on my ChiroTouch, which is wonderful . . . I get to sleep in more. . . . That’s a great advantage for doctors,” adds Dr. Lisa.

Business Resilience and Security Are All Part of the Package

The transition to cloud-based backup is more than just convenient; it offers chiropractors peace of mind about the security of their data. This move away from traditional servers eliminates costly on-site servers and safeguards patient information.

I think just having the sense of security, knowing that it’s backed up on the cloud, [means] we don’t have to rely on servers now, and that’s one aspect that I really like,” she elaborates.

For solo practitioners, cloud-based backup and security features like two-factor authentication and HIPAA-compliant encryption alleviate the stress of managing data security. They also provide peace of mind in a digital healthcare environment.

Innovation + Growth = More Revenue

Dr. Lisa’s practice has benefited from ChiroTouch’s ongoing innovations and enhancements, such as end-of-day reports and mobile capabilities. “I wear a lot of hats, and the flow is just wonderful,” she comments, highlighting the ease with which the system has adapted to her multifaceted role.

Dr. Lisa is thrilled with the mobile capabilities: “I can get my notes done on the fly as I’m talking to the patient.” As a result, she spends more time with patients, giving them a higher level of care. Better care and happier patients translates into increased positive word-of-mouth referrals that help to grow her practice.

As her practice evolved, Dr. Lisa needed more comprehensive reporting features. “Every business needs very accurate end-of-the-day reports in case they’re audited by the IRS. They make the end of the day better for us. We want it to be efficient, to run off the reports that we need and know in our hearts that everything’s accurate,” she explains.

Dr. Lisa shared this need with the ChiroTouch development team: “I asked if they were going to have the closeout reports. They said yes, we will, and they did come through with their promise.”

Cloud-based  ChiroTouch now offers several end-of-day (EOD) reports and visual real-time dashboards that allow providers to monitor charges, payments, and customized key performance indicators. These practice analytics let users make changes to optimize performance.

ChiroTouch Is The Most Intuitive

After years of searching for the right software solution for her chiropractic practice, Dr. Lisa found her ideal match in ChiroTouch. “Before I went to the cloud-based system, I did look into a few other programs, and I did watch a few demos of other programs, and I can tell you that ChiroTouch is the most intuitive. They did win me over. I always like to look at other things before I make a major decision, and I did, and I stayed with ChiroTouch,” she attests.

ChiroTouch features an all-in-one system with role-specific dashboards for everyone in the office. The system integrates practitioner-based features like SOAP notes and charting macros with front desk features, such as patient scheduling, room management, and payment processing. This eliminates clerical errors and the need for manual entry of patient data.

For Dr. Lisa, the seamlessness of the workflow is what sets the platform apart: “From the time I check them in, to when they go in the room to get treated, to the time I check them out, things just keep flowing.”

The Future of Chiropractic Technology Is Here, Now

For practitioners still contemplating the shift, Dr. Lisa Long wholeheartedly recommends ChiroTouch, especially for its cloud-based functionalities. Cloud-based ChiroTouch enables providers to access the system from any device with an internet connection.

Cloud-based systems like ChiroTouch are the future of chiropractic technology, promising reliability and efficiency. “It’s just a great program overall, even if you’re doing a solo practice,” she concludes, adding, “I’m so happy with the cloud-based system.”

Experience ChiroTouch for Your Practice

In an industry where efficiency, reliability, and innovation are vital, ChiroTouch’s cloud-based system and intuitive workflow offer the tools you need to streamline operations and focus on patient care.

You can count on ChiroTouch to transform your practice with cutting-edge technology. Schedule a demo today and discover what ChiroTouch can do for your practice.

You Can Count on ChiroTouch

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