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  • Embracing technology like a cloud-based EHR can simplify your cash practice’s operations and boost efficiency. 
  • Advantages of using a cloud-based EHR include anywhere, anytime accessibility, increased cost-effectiveness, and better integration with digital health tools. 
  • Switching to ChiroTouch, a leading provider of chiropractic software solutions for over 20 years, can help you streamline operations at your cash practice.
  • With features like an all-in-one provider dashboard, HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes, and convenient payment processing solutions, ChiroTouch can help you attract and retain patients for continued success.

Welcome to the new era of chiropractic care — where technology isn’t just an option; it’s your secret weapon. That’s especially true if you’re running a cash-based practice. Recent data from a 2022 KFF survey unveils that 24% of American adults grapple with unpaid healthcare bills, leaving chiropractic practices in a revenue tug-of-war.

Combat these revenue woes with cloud-based practice management designed for chiropractic cash practices like yours. These integrated systems turbocharge your operations, slash time-wasting tasks, and increase revenue streams.

We’re here to help you embrace the technological chiropractic evolution, where using cloud-based chiropractic EHRs becomes your transformative edge. Learn the advantages of a cloud-operating EHR platform for your cash practice and how ChiroTouch can promote productivity, efficiency, and patient care.

Advantages of a Cloud-Based EHR for a Cash Practice

If your cash practice uses a server-based electronic health record (EHR), you might be missing out. Cloud-based chiropractic practice management systems transcend traditional server-based alternatives in efficiency, cost, integration, and scalability.

Adopting a cloud-based EHR like ChiroTouch for cash-based chiropractic practices isn’t just advantageous — it’s a strategic move that amplifies your practice’s success while prioritizing exceptional patient care.

A cloud EHR platform offers the following benefits for your practice:

  • Greater accessibility. Cloud-based EHRs provide secure access to patient data anytime, anywhere, from any device, facilitating seamless practice operations, multilocation and telehealth services, and increased patient engagement options.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Cloud-based systems require no expensive on-site servers, lowering your financial burden by minimizing upfront infrastructure costs and ongoing fees. On-site EHR systems can be up to 40.5% more expensive than cloud-based versions.
  • Scalability. The cloud effortlessly accommodates increased data storage and user volume as your practice expands.
  • Data security. A cloud-powered EHR offers powerful encryption and compliance measures to safeguard sensitive patient information, maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  • Disaster recovery. Cloud-based systems improve cash practice efficiency by providing automatic data backups, minimizing downtime and data loss risks.
  • Automatic updates. Enjoy hassle-free, regular updates and feature enhancements without disrupting your operations or needing to involve an IT team.
  • Better integration. Cloud-based EHRs seamlessly integrate with other digital health tools, like virtual health platforms and patient engagement apps, enhancing overall practice efficiency.
  • Enables telemedicine. Cloud-based systems can provide chiropractors with a virtual appointment platform that works from within their EHR. Implementing telemedicine for cash practices provides a value-added service to attract and retain patients.

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ChiroTouch: A Comprehensive Solution

ChiroTouch has been leading the way in chiropractic software solutions, revolutionizing chiropractors’ EHR and practice management systems for the last 20 years. With a focus on innovation and chiropractic-specific features, ChiroTouch has over 21,000 satisfied customers and has become known for delivering efficiency and seamless integration.

Our cloud-based system offers an easy-to-use platform that enhances every aspect of your chiropractic cash practice. Imagine saving an average of 20 hours each month, thanks to ChiroTouch’s streamlined processes and automation.

But that’s not all — this comprehensive solution goes beyond time-saving to increase your practice’s revenue by an impressive 56%.

ChiroTouch’s expertise and cutting-edge technology simplify your administrative tasks and documentation, giving you more time to focus on providing exceptional patient care. With ChiroTouch, you can improve efficiency, profitability, and patient services with the following plans and features:

All-in-One Provider Dashboard

ChiroTouch offers an all-in-one provider dashboard that gives you a comprehensive view of your practice’s operations. From appointment schedules to billing information, this centralized hub saves valuable time by providing all necessary data in one place.

No more navigating multiple systems or platforms; ChiroTouch brings efficiency and convenience to your fingertips.

Online Appointments and Scheduling

Reduce manual appointment scheduling, double booking, and no-shows. ChiroTouch’s practice management software allows seamless online appointment booking, streamlining patient scheduling.

This feature not only saves time for staff but also enhances patient satisfaction. A 2022 Patient Pop Survey found that over 60% of patients want access to online scheduling. Your cash practice can attract and retain more patients by offering convenient online scheduling, leading to increased revenue and patient loyalty.

HIPAA-Compliant SOAP Notes in Seconds

Creating detailed and HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes is crucial to chiropractic care, but it shouldn’t eat up all your time. Good news! ChiroTouch has got you covered with its advanced documentation features.

You can generate SOAP notes in around 15 seconds using handy macros and built-in compliance. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that sensitive patient information is kept secure, protecting your practice’s reputation. With ChiroTouch, you’ll breeze through your documentation tasks while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and professionalism.

Payment Processing Solutions

ChiroTouch doesn’t stop at managing patient data; with integrated billing and payment processing solutions, handling payments has never been easier. Whether in-office transactions or mobile payment solutions, this feature streamlines the payment process for your practice.

Offering modern payment options benefits both your patients and your financial operations. Payment processing becomes a breeze with our easy and secure options. Your patients can pay through various convenient methods like phone, online, and even use popular apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay. With ChiroTouch, keeping your practice’s finances in check has never been so simple and stress-free!

Patient Management Features

From the moment your patients check in to when they leave and everything in between — billing, claims, scheduling, and follow-ups — ChiroTouch’s patient management software takes care of it all. This all-in-one solution supercharges your practice efficiency, lightens the administrative load, and lets you put more time and energy into providing exceptional patient care.

With ChiroTouch’s ancillary solution, CT Informs, you can:

  • Streamline your intake process.  by moving appointment intake to the cloud and customizing forms for various purposes, including consent forms and safety protocol.
  • Automatically send intake forms to patients prior to visits. Your staff will appreciate the reduced workload, as the forms can be sent electronically. Patients can complete forms before and after appointments, ensuring you have essential information on their medical history.
  • Send post-visit surveys and requests for referrals. These are powerful tools for improving patient satisfaction and growing your practice.

Online Marketing Strategies

At ChiroTouch, we know a strong online presence is vital for cash practices. ChiroTouch and its ancillary patient communication tool, CT Engage, are a powerful combo designed to support your cash practices’ online marketing strategies, making engaging and retaining patients easier.

With CT Engage, you can:

  • Send automated emails. Create and send automated email marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Communicate with SMS texting. Use automated batch or individual texts to spread the word about your practice. This is especially important because the Patient Pop survey found that 98% of patients prefer texting to email and other forms of communication from their healthcare providers.
  • Use customizable templates. CT Engage includes templates you can use as is or customize for office communications or to post on social media, fostering patient engagement and interest in your chiropractic services.

By strengthening your digital footprint, you’ll increase visibility, improve brand awareness, and attract more patients to your practice.

Data Security

Keeping patient data safe is crucial for any cash practice. Did you know that data breaches cost an average of $15 million in the U.S.? That’s a big potential hit to your business!

Protecting sensitive patient information is essential for maintaining confidentiality and trust and complying with laws and regulations. Plus, in the unlikely event of a data breach, it ensures your practice stays afloat.

ChiroTouch takes data security in cash practices seriously. With strong encryption and compliance measures as well as automatic backups, ChiroTouch ensures that patient data is safe and sound, giving you peace of mind as you run your practice smoothly.

Read more: To learn more about ChiroTouch and data security, download our free Guide to Data Security ebook.

Practice Performance Reporting

Understanding your practice’s financial health is essential for making savvy marketing and operational decisions. ChiroTouch provides practice performance reporting and advanced data analytics, giving you valuable insights into your revenue streams, expenses, and overall practice efficiency.

Armed with this data, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your cash-based practice for greater success.

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Securing Success for Your Cash Practice With ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch is a practical, effective digital resource for your cash-based chiropractic practice. Using the tech features in ChiroTouch’s cloud-based practice management software, you’ll improve efficiency, simplify admin tasks, and give your patients a seamless experience they’ll love.

You can count on ChiroTouch as your go-to tool for transforming your cash practice into a thriving success story centered around happy patients.

Book a demo with a ChiroTouch specialist today to find out how a cloud-based practice management software can set up your cash practice for success.

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