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  • Optimizing your Google My Business listing can help you boost online visibility and attract more patients to your practice. 
  • To optimize your GMB listing, you can implement strategies such as asking for reviews, completing all areas of the profile, and keeping your practice information up-to-date. 
  • Integrated chiropractic EHR software like ChiroTouch can help you provide convenient online scheduling and ask for feedback for increased patient satisfaction.

As a small business owner and chiropractor, knowing how to optimize your Google My Business listing is critical to showing up in local search results and attracting patients. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence and provide details that help local customers find them.

Focusing on Google My Business optimization can boost your patient numbers and revenue. According to Publer, 45% of companies receive appointment requests through GMB, and 93% of consumers use the GMB map feature when searching for a local business.

Understanding how to get more customers from Google My Business by completing your profile with local SEO keywords, engaging with patients, and adding pictures of your practice to ensure you make the most of your GMB listing.

Tips for Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Optimizing your GMB page can help you boost online visibility, rank higher in SEO listings, and attract more patients. To optimize your listing, focus on the accuracy and completeness of your profile and the distance of your practice to those searching online. You can also use business listing optimization techniques, such as adding citations, reviews, and images to enhance your online presence.

Claim and Verify Your Listing

Your first step in optimizing your GMB is to claim and verify it. This will give you control over the information displayed and allow you to respond to Google reviews. Start by visiting the Google Business Profile site and clicking “Manage Now.”

Follow the instructions to claim your chiropractic practice listing. Once claimed, you’ll need to verify it by choosing the verification method that suits you best, such as receiving a phone call.

Craft an Engaging Business Description

Craft a concise and compelling business description using relevant keywords to improve your profile’s local search optimization. To implement this Google My Business tip, write a business description that mentions the specific chiropractic services you offer, such as spinal adjustments, sports injury rehabilitation, or prenatal chiropractic care.

Emphasize your expertise, qualifications, and any unique treatment approaches you use. For example, “At [Your Chiropractic Practice], we provide comprehensive chiropractic care, specializing in spinal adjustments for pain relief and postural correction.”

Showcase Your Practice With High-Quality Photos

If you want to know how to rank higher in local search, consider using images to boost your GMB page presence. According to the Publer article cited above, an average GMB profile has 11 pictures; listings with photos can see 35 times more website visits than profiles without images.

Upload high-resolution photos of your chiropractic clinic, treatment rooms, and team members. Include pictures depicting a welcoming and professional environment, such as images of patients receiving care, state-of-the-art equipment, and friendly staff interacting with patients.

Google my business online review

Encourage Positive Reviews

Request satisfied patients to leave reviews on your GMB page. 94% of patients use online reviews as a first step in finding the right provider. Consider creating a post-appointment email or text campaign asking for feedback that you can post on your listing.

When patients leave a review, respond to their post, expressing gratitude for positive feedback and addressing any concerns or issues mentioned. This engagement demonstrates your commitment to patient satisfaction.

Ensure Consistent NAP Data

Make sure your name, address, and phone number (NAP data) are consistent across your GMB page, website, and other online directories. Check that the information matches your business signage and contact details exactly. This consistency helps Google and potential patients recognize your chiropractic practice as reliable and trustworthy.

Select Relevant Categories

An often overlooked tip for how to improve your Google My Business listing is choosing the most relevant categories on your GMB page. Taking the time to select categories that are most fitting for your services helps niche your practice and allows patients to find a provider specializing in a certain area.

When creating your GMB page, select the most relevant categories for your chiropractic practice. Choose “Chiropractor” for the primary category and consider adding additional categories like “Sports Injury Clinic,” “Back Pain Specialist,” or “Pediatric Chiropractor” to refine your classification and attract specific patient segments.

Engage in Regular Posting

Regularly post updates, special offers, and educational content on your blog and social media channels to keep your audience engaged. Share tips on ergonomic workplace practices, exercises for pain relief, or information on the benefits of chiropractic care. Use eye-catching images, compelling headlines, and clear calls to action to drive user interaction and encourage appointment bookings.

Use Keywords in the Q&A Section

Answer frequently asked questions on your GMB page and incorporate relevant keywords in your responses. Address queries about specific conditions, treatments, or techniques.

For example, “Can chiropractic care help with sciatica pain?” or “How long does a typical adjustment session last?” Provide detailed and helpful answers to showcase your expertise and attract potential patients searching for this information.

Monitor Insights and Analytics

Regularly review the Insights and Analytics section of your GMB dashboard to gain valuable insights into user interactions. Track metrics such as the number of views, searches, and actions taken, like phone calls and website visits. Analyze this data to identify trends, understand your target audience, and tailor your marketing strategies.

Use GMB Messaging

Activate the messaging feature on your GMB page, allowing potential patients to contact you directly. Respond promptly and professionally to inquiries, providing helpful information and scheduling appointments when appropriate. Consider setting up automated responses to frequently asked questions to provide immediate assistance.

The following is an example of a well-rounded GMB profile for a chiropractic practice:

google my business example

How to Use Google My Business and ChiroTouch to Attract New Patients

To maximize the benefits of GMB, consider integrating your listing with ChiroTouch’s chiropractic practice management system. ChiroTouch has a cloud-based patient appointment scheduling feature that lets chiropractors attract and retain new patients while growing their practices.

40% of appointments are booked after business hours, and 67% of patients prefer online booking. Offering integrated, online scheduling through ChiroTouch creates a seamless patient experience and strengthens your practice’s online presence. This can lead to increased visibility, credibility, and success in the competitive chiropractic industry.

ChiroTouch also uses powerful tools like CT Engage that is designed to facilitate effective communication with patients and gather valuable feedback. With CT Engage, you can send automated appointment reminders and personalized messages to patients, ensuring they stay engaged about upcoming visits and practice updates.

CT Engage also enables you to collect patient feedback and reviews directly through ChiroTouch. This feature simplifies gathering testimonials, which you can share on your GMB listing, enhancing your practice’s online reputation and attracting potential patients.

Creating a google my business profile

Enhance Your Google My Business Listing Optimization With ChiroTouch

Implementing Google My Business tricks to help you optimize your listing can help you bring more patients into your chiropractic practice. Once they get there, the right chiropractic EHR software can ensure you give them a streamlined experience to improve the care they receive, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost patient referrals.

Schedule a demo today with a ChiroTouch Specialist to see the software in action and find out how you can use it to improve practice operations to support your GMB optimization efforts.

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