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November 14, 2018 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management

Every practitioner wants their business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, benefiting both patients and staff. If your practice isn’t using ChiroTouch’s mobile apps, your office may not be running as effectively as possible. Once you make the change, you’ll wonder just how you operated without these time and work-saving apps. These apps will improve virtually every aspect of your practice. Yes, they are that good!

There’s an App from Start to Finish

Let’s go through ChiroTouch mobile apps from A to Z to prove the point beginning with a new patient’s initial appointment. The CTScheduler mobile app lets you and your staff view the patient schedule from wherever you are. When a patient calls in, your staff can find an open date and time that coincides with the patient’s availability instantly.

When the new patient arrives on the day of the appointment, they can complete all of their virtual “paperwork” while sitting in the waiting room thanks to the CTIntake mobile app. Once their information is provided, future updates won’t require digging out paper files or any other time-consuming, tedious tasks. To update a patient’s record, it’s just a matter of typing in the new information via the CTForms app.  When the patient comes in for subsequent appointments, they can easily sign in with the CTSign-In app. Can it get any simpler?

The CT Provider Mobile App and More

The scheduler, intake, forms and sign-in mobile apps focus primarily on reducing the work of your staff and making the check-in process easier for the patient. With the CTProvider Mobile app, it’s the practitioner’s turn to become more efficient. This app permits you or your chiropractic assistant to view patient files and perform many of the standard tasks necessary that are part of your daily routine. You can do this from anywhere on your iPad.

Once you have examined the patient, the final ChiroTouch app, CTOutcomes, allows the patient to fill in their outcome assessment in the waiting room before going home. If your practice isn’t running quite this streamlined, there’s no reason you can’t make it so with ChiroTouch.

The ChiroTouch Advantage

If you want your average patient to enjoy this level of organization from start to finish – and tell their family and friends how well your practice runs – ChiroTouch can help. Contact ChiroTouch today and find out how the ChiroTouch customized practice management system and its mobile apps can ensure your practice runs like a well-oiled, or perhaps flawless digital, machine.

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