Patient Check-In Software: Improving the Process for Chiropractors
September 20, 2018 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Patient Care, Business Management

Improving your chiropractic patient check-in process can make every patient’s visit easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to improve the process to help make your practice more profitable.

Patient Check-In Process

When you’re considering ways to improve your chiropractic practice, don’t neglect the importance of a simple patient check-in process. The check-in procedure is the initial introduction most patients have to your practice, and as with anything else, you only get one chance to make a first impression. An electronic patient check-in is more than just convenient for your patients. It frees up your staff to attend to other duties, and it proves to patients that your practice uses the most up-to-date and efficient tracking methods. An iPad patient check-in allows a patient to enter their information quickly, and their data goes straight into their records. There’s no need for a staff member to perform any manual tasks with the exception of handing the iPad to the patient, if even that.

Give Patients Privacy

Even though your patients value the convenience of an electronic patient check-in, they may have certain concerns, especially involving privacy. Just because a mobile device is involved rather than pen and paper doesn’t mean HIPAA laws no longer apply. Provide your patients with a certain amount of privacy when they are completing your check-in. The best way to do that depends on the configuration of your waiting room. You may want to assign a section of the waiting room just for patients completing the check-ins so they don’t have to worry about anyone looking over their shoulder as they input their information. Some practices may want to install dedicated patient kiosks for that purpose. That’s the sort of planning patients appreciate when they visit your office.

Don’t Keep Patients Waiting

Time is what life is made up of, and no one wants to waste it. Patients will usually give doctors some leeway when it comes to on-time appointments, but no one likes to wait too long. Word of mouth is essential for any successful practice, and if word gets out that patients spend too much time in the literal waiting room, you’re likely to lose potential patients. That’s a great benefit of iPad patient check-in. The ease of use streamlines the patient check-in process and removes steps needed when such check-ins are done manually. The flow of the office improves, and patient bottlenecks occur less frequently. Soon, your patients will tell friends that one of the great things about your practice is the lack of waiting time.

The Patient Check-Out Process

Just as important for your practice is the patient check-out process, which continues the streamlining offered by your software. Once your patient’s treatment is finished, you can automatically input the information into the system, as well as schedule the patient’s next appointment. It’s all no fuss, no muss as far as the patient is concerned. Add custom features such as satisfaction surveys so you can receive firsthand information about how your patients perceive the practice, and any changes you can make. Patient satisfaction is your number one priority after patient health, and you can gain insight into the patient experience in a way you couldn’t otherwise achieve.

Patient Check-In Software

Of course, a successful patient check-in process relies on first-rate patient check-in software. That’s where ChiroTouch comes in. ChiroTouch’s patient check-in software ensures that the process runs smoothly. Our patient check-in software allows patients to enter subjective information about their condition, which then goes directly to the chiropractic SOAP notes’ subjective assessment area. The complete integration of the software into the practice means actual paperwork is kept to a minimum. ChiroTouch includes a multi-point, customizable patient alert system, which may be automated at distinct points, including the patient check-in process. Other options include the patient check-out, during scheduler interaction, and the provider’s screen. Customize these alerts not just for individual patients, but for those patients falling into specific cohorts. You’ll find better communication between your staff, patients, and all providers, and few items falling between the cracks. Chiropractic assistants, the backbone of your practice, are quickly won over by the Patient Flow Manager, which permits them to see at a glance overall daily appointments, when patients check in, and the patients who have already been seen.

ChiroTouch offers state-of-the-art patient check-in software and so much more. The popular personal finance site Value Penguin calls ChiroTouch “the gold standard in chiropractic software,” noting that it sports the most comprehensive features in the industry and has an excellent reputation. ChiroTouch’s longevity speaks for itself, as it has been in business since 1999, the dawn of chiropractic software age. Call us today and find out how ChiroTouch can improve your practice by scheduling a demo.

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