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  • Keeping patients engaged is vital to the success of your chiropractic practice.
  • CT Engage allows you to boost patient engagement by sending appointment reminders, creating recall campaigns, and keeping patients informed and engaged.
  • CT Engage works in conjunction with ChiroTouch’s EHR practice management software to streamline your workflow and help you grow your chiropractic practice.

Patient engagement is vital to the success of your chiropractic practice. With the right patient communication tools, you can automate appointment reminders and recall and marketing campaigns via text and email. You can keep patients informed and engaged to increase retention and practice revenue, manage your practice’s reputation, and more.

Read on to learn how to increase patient engagement with CT Engage, the patient communication tool package that works seamlessly with ChiroTouch.

The Effect of Patient Engagement on Your Practice

Your practice’s level of patient engagement directly affects your bottom line. Common issues that face chiropractic practices regarding patient engagement include dealing with no-shows and missed appointments, retaining inactive patients, attracting new patients, and keeping patients engaged and informed.

Missed Appointments and No-shows

Missed appointments and no-shows account for around $150 billion in losses for the healthcare industry as a whole every year. Your practice loses money every time a patient doesn’t show up for their scheduled chiropractic care session.

Practices can lose customers entirely by failing to offer reminders. Without automatic reminders, practices waste time and money on inefficient reminder phone calls.

Reconnecting With Inactive Patients

After receiving chiropractic care, some patients are lost to follow-up. In many cases, patient inactivity is simply due to the patient forgetting about future appointments or failing to hear about a service or discount that may interest them.

Without an efficient strategy to retain and re-engage inactive patients — such as recall campaigns — your practice loses out on potential revenue.

Attracting New Patients

Attracting new patients is an essential element of growing your chiropractic practice. Without online reputation management tools or user-friendly communication, attracting new patients to your practice — and the referrals they can bring — can be difficult.

Keeping Patients Informed and Engaged

Patients prefer to use convenient communication methods that reflect life in a digital world. Without digital patient engagement strategies such as automatic text messaging and emails, it’s harder to communicate effectively about important safety policies, hours, or new services.

This lack of efficient communication methods equals less patient engagement, fewer new patients, and less revenue for your practice.

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How To Increase Patient Engagement With CT Engage

CT Engage, ChiroTouch’s patient engagement platform, helps you increase patient engagement to boost your practice’s bottom line.

CT Engage allows you to implement patient engagement strategies. These strategies include sending automated appointment reminders and recall campaigns to reach out to inactive patients. The platform also allows you to maintain a positive online reputation to attract new patients and communicate with your patients in a way that’s convenient for both you and them.

Explore these five ways that CT Engage can benefit your practice by increasing patient engagement.

1. Send Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

With CT Engage, you can reduce no-shows and missed appointments with automated appointment reminders for patients. CT Engage allows you to send text reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments.

The program also allows patients to confirm their appointments when they receive a message. This keeps your appointment book full and patients on track with their chiropractic wellness.

Using CT Engage to send automatic reminders also lessens your staff’s workload. Rather than wasting time and energy on manual reminder calls, automatic reminder texts free up your staff’s time to focus on patient care and other essential tasks.

2. Create Recall Campaigns

Just a 5% increase in inactive patient retention can increase your practice’s profitability by up to 75%. That’s what makes CT Engage’s recall campaign function great for your chiropractic practice. To stay connected between patient visits, you can use recall campaigns to boost engagement and keep your patients returning.

CT Engage recall campaigns give you the benefit of constant patient communication without using staff resources.

CT Engage’s automated process lets you:

  • Send recall messages
  • Set a consistent schedule for messaging
  • Respond to recall messages
  • Create target campaigns
  • Customize messages from helpful templates
  • Improve patient retention

3. Keep Patients Informed and Engaged

With CT Engage, you can use email marketing campaigns and automated texts to keep your patients informed. The platform’s pre-formatted templates let you customize notifications for patients. You can also schedule campaigns for release and send to a targeted list of patients, all patients, or individual patients. You can also upload files to accompany your messages.

Consider sending email campaigns that cover important topics for your patients. You can cover information such as the benefits of chiropractic care, spinal health tips, special promotional offers, and announcements about new services. Or send out notifications when you publish a new blog post.

Purposeful email campaigns and messages can attract new patients, keep your current patients engaged with their chiropractic care, and keep your practice and services top of mind for your patients.

4. Maintain a Positive Online Reputation

Part of attracting new patients and retaining current patients is maintaining a positive online reputation. Surveys show that up to 90% of people use online reviews, testimonials and social media to help them decide on a healthcare provider.

Maintaining a positive online reputation is essential to drawing in new patients because online reviews offer a digital format for word-of-mouth referrals.

CT Engage allows you to monitor patient reviews and collect automated feedback from patients. With CT Engage, you can request reviews from patients that link up with popular platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google. You can also proactively manage your online reputation by setting your feedback to come directly to you so you can address unsatisfied patients directly.

5. Communicate the Way Patients Prefer

Over 85% of the American population uses smartphones and digital messaging to communicate. By embracing this technology with CT Engage, you create an experience for patients that is convenient and familiar. CT Engage is also TCPA and HIPAA compliant, so you don’t have to worry about communicating with your patients about their protected health information (PHI).

CT Engage allows for two-way and broadcast texting to one or many patients at a time. With a central platform to handle your messaging, you don’t have to worry about missing a patient communication due to playing phone tag or having multiple communication avenues that are not synched.

CT Engage boasts the following additional features:

  • Contact uploader
  • Image/MMS support
  • Cellphone detector
  • Landline texting
  • Instant alerts
  • Pre-build templates
  • Web-based dashboard

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ChiroTouch, Completely Integrated EHR Software

CT Engage is an ancillary service that works seamlessly from within ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR software.

ChiroTouch can transform the way you work by offering the most expertise in the industry, one system to manage all aspects of your chiropractic practice, and practice management software that’s innovative, customizable, and uses robust security features.

Experience, Legacy, and Expertise You Can Count On

ChiroTouch boasts 20-plus years in the chiropractic software industry. We have over 250 employees, including experienced chiropractic practitioners. Our products are designed with chiropractors in mind — and chiropractic is all we do.

ChiroTouch is trusted by 12,000 practices and 25,000 providers across the country, and we have the most loyal customers. Many of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years.

We’re also the most referred; over 50% of our new customers are referred by current users. You can count on ChiroTouch for the expertise you need to run your practice efficiently.

Continuously Innovative

ChiroTouch features a modern design with everything you need easily accessible from an all-in-one dashboard. You’ll enjoy intuitive in-app guidance that makes it easy to learn as you go, but we also provide extensive online resources just in case you get stuck.

ChiroTouch also offers customizable templates and lets you personalize provider availability, workflows, and appointment types. Our software features at-a-glance dashboards that offer actionable reports and insights. You can also access built-in customizable macros in our pre-loaded library of documentation templates.

Our audit-proof templates are pre-formatted and allow you to complete SOAP notes in seconds. The touchscreen feature has helped 90% of customers show improvement on SOAP notes and charting tasks.

Additionally, for multilocation practices, our innovative enhancements allow you to manage all your locations from a single sign-in. You can easily handle billing, scheduling, and charting for patients who visit more than one location, as all information syncs instantly across all locations.

Complete Integration

ChiroTouch is an all-in-one chiropractic EHR that lets you manage all aspects of your chiropractic practice seamlessly. One system meets the needs of every role in your practice, including:

  • Scheduling
  • EHR
  • Patient check-in
  • Charting
  • Billing
  • Claims management
  • Patient engagement
  • Payments

With online scheduling, patients can schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments online, saving valuable time for office staff.

Integrated payment processing allows you to accept payments at any time in any form. You can save patient cards on file and set up recurring payments to reduce manual errors and collect on accounts.

For the insurance practice, ChiroTouch Advanced offers automated insurance processing with integrated clearinghouse and claims management. Manage all of your insurance tasks with a single sign-on.

Industry-leading Security

ChiroTouch provides peace of mind that your patients’ health records are safe and secure. We use automated updates and backups to prevent loss of patient information. We have also invested heavily in penetration testing and cybersecurity measures so you don’t have to worry about fraud or security breaches.

Find Out How ChiroTouch and CT Engage Can Improve Patient Engagement and Boost Your Bottom Line

Patient engagement drives the growth of your chiropractic practice. With ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR software, and CT Engage patient communication tools, you can streamline patient engagement and boost your practice’s bottom line. Book a demo today to learn more.

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