Chiropractic Resume: How to Make Your Application Stand Out
August 16, 2018 by ChiroTouch Article Business Management, Profession

As a recent college graduate, you may fear that your chiropractic resume might not pass an established practice. After all, you’re just out of school and don’t have much real life chiropractic work experience. Your experience in the field likely consist only of the time you have spent at chiropractic college. If you’re fortunate, you might have some internship experience under your belt. However, since chiropractic offices are flooded with applications from other recent grads in similar circumstances, you need to make your application stand out from the crowd.

Make Your Language Count

It’s likely that most new graduates send out chiropractic resumes that are boringly familiar to the person reading them. The way you use language in your application may prove to be a game changer. Yes, you must be professional, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sound dull. If your language is interesting, the reader perceives that you are smart, and all other things being equal, a good candidate. To make language work for you, use the active rather than the passive voice in your application. Avoid long, convoluted sentences or jargon-heavy phrases. Rather than use terms like “Professional experience” – which you currently don’t have – perhaps substitute that heading with “Recognitions” and list those.

A Well-Formatted Document

Along with readability, it’s critical that your documents are well-formatted. Chiropractic is a relatively conservative field, so you don’t want an unconventionally structured CV. Above all, you want one that is clean and easy to read.

You also want to tailor your application for each specific position. Do some research on each practice, and submit a document emphasizing your experience or interest in the primary areas of said particular practice. For example, if a practice focuses on geriatric patients, state why you want to work with this patient subset.

Go into Detail

When listing your accomplishments, avoid just stating, “I did X,Y,Z.” Go into as much detail as possible, quantifying your achievements. Use percentages and figures. It allows the hiring manager to have a very clear picture of what you have done. You’re providing concrete examples, not generalities. Specifics always make a better impression on those who are considering candidates.

Business and Other Experience

You went to chiropractic college to become a chiropractor to help patients. The fact is, however, that chiropractic is a business, and an applicant with business experience is an asset. If you have past business experience, include it in your application, especially if you can link it so it pertains to a chiropractic practice. Sometimes, personal experience is equally useful. For example, say you were once injured on a job and received workers’ compensation benefits. That may not seem pertinent in other fields, but since chiropractors may often deal with patients sent to them by their employer for treatment or evaluations, firsthand knowledge of the process is a plus.

Additional Credentials

You’re competing with new graduates who have many of the same credentials you do. If you possess additional credentials, highlight them so your chiropractic resume stands out. You can list additional credentials either in the section underneath your degree, or in a separate section entitled “Certifications.”

ChiroTouch Proficiency

One of the best ways to impress a potential employer is by emphasizing your familiarity and proficiency with top chiropractic practice management and ERH software such as ChiroTouch. Having this knowledge shows you understand practice management, a quality every chiropractor employer is seeking.  It also informs the employer that you know your way around a state-of-the-art system and that you are aware of the efficient solutions such a system provides. You understand the difference a solid chiropractic software makes to the success of a practice and the effect it can have on improving job satisfaction among staff. Having these types of tech skills makes you more desirable for offices looking to modernize. ChiroTouch is the solution for modern practices, being used in over 21,000 offices. The less time a new chiropractor has to spend learning a system, the more attractive they are to a practice. Who knows – this particular attribute itself may get you hired.

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