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  • Using integrated chiropractic practice management software protects your new practice during a recession. 
  • Streamlining patient intake, scheduling, documentation, and billing improves the patient experience and helps you thrive in any economy. 
  • Staying in touch with patients through personalized SMS texts and emails helps you stay at the forefront of patients’ minds, leading to increased revenue. 

If you’re just starting a new chiropractic practice at the beginning of the current recession, you’ll need to find ways to streamline operations to handle the economic downturn.

Integrated chiropractic practice management software simplifies patient intake, documentation, and billing, increasing efficiency and revenue. Optimizing your practice’s administrative tasks in a cloud-based chiropractic software helps you improve the patient experience and increase loyalty, boosting your revenue in any economy.

Ways to Recession-Proof Your Practice With an Integrated Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Business owners are facing a possible recession in 2023. According to a CNBC survey, 81% of small business owners anticipate a recession this year, and only 43% expect an increase in revenue.

Early-start chiropractic practices in a tough economy can implement an integrated solution for billing, scheduling, and intake processes while ensuring an optimal office experience and patient retention.

Using a cloud-based chiropractic EHR platform will allow your practice to meet the needs of patients while maintaining profitability.

Keep Compliant Documentation

Keeping accurate records is crucial to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. If there is a mistake in your patient records, you may face fines and a loss of patient trust. ChiroTouch’s chiropractic practice management software helps you maintain compliant documentation with customizable templates and automated syncing.

BulletTouch Macros offer a quick and efficient way to create SOAP notes compliant with insurance coding, billing, and CMS reporting. They allow you to chart patients in under 15 seconds, and you can customize macros for your practice’s needs.

Automate Insurance Claims

Improper coding can cause new practices to experience rejected insurance claims, resulting in civil monetary penalties. Penalties might include an estimate of three times the amount claimed for each improperly coded item or service, even if it was an accidental mistake.

ChiroTouch syncs insurance codes directly from chiropractors’ SOAP notes to prevent coding mistakes and ensure accuracy. This saves practice time manually entering codes so your staff members can concentrate on assisting patients.

ChiroTouch’s ancillary features can help you manage your practice’s claims process. CT MaxClear offers automated tracking of the entire claims process from beginning to end to help you track all your patients’ claims.

CT Verify checks insurance eligibility and payment responsibility in real time, reducing the risk of denied claims and saving time by providing up-to-the-minute insurance information when needed.

Improve Chiropractic Billing

Efficient and consistent billing methods help your early-start practice maintain a positive cash flow and minimize insurance claim rejections. By integrating claims management and processing through insurance clearinghouses, you can centralize all billing-related activities with ChiroTouch’s chiropractic practice management software.

Through CT Payments, your patients have various options to pay for their care, such as phone payments, online, chip payments, and Apple Pay®. You can schedule automatic payments and post payments to patient accounts, improving cash flow and revenue generation.

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Make Scheduling Easier

New practices can simplify scheduling by using a chiropractic EHR such as ChiroTouch with an intuitive, streamlined patient flow. ChiroTouch offers automated scheduling that allows patients to book and cancel appointments online at their convenience. This saves your staff members time on calling patients for appointment reminders.

The chiropractic practice management software includes an integrated appointment calendar to help your staff manage the practice’s schedule. You can assign colors to different appointment types to help you identify them at a glance.

ChiroTouch also sends automatic notifications to patients at various points in their journey, such as appointment reminders or follow-up requests, to ensure they don’t miss an appointment or get lost in the system. These alerts help keep your practice top of mind for your patients, increasing the potential for patient referrals.

Develop a Digital Intake Strategy

With digital intake processes in your chiropractic practice management software, you can manage patient intake more efficiently and cost effectively. Digital intake forms reduce your practice’s reliance on physical supplies such as paper, ink, and storage cabinets by allowing patients to complete forms online instead.

CT InForms lets you send online forms for your patients to fill out before visiting your practice. You can also use iPads and other devices for patients to complete intake, safety protocols, and consent forms at your practice. This feature attracts new patients looking for a modern and technologically savvy healthcare provider.

Stay In Touch with Patients

Engaging with patients and keeping them updated about your practice’s services, special offers, and opening and closing hours is essential to retaining and attracting them. This can ensure a steady flow of revenue even during a recession.

With CT Engage, you can communicate with your patients through SMS or email. Set up CT Engage to send birthday greetings, appointment reminders, and news about your participation in local community events. Through CT Engage’s advanced reporting and analytics, you can track patient engagement and measure the effectiveness of your messages.

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Review Patient Data at a Glance

Access to patient data on a dashboard lets you quickly review essential information, such as previous visits, diagnoses, and treatment plans, without sifting through multiple files or paper records. You can stay up to date on the patient’s progress and treatment with ChiroTouch, allowing for a more personalized approach to care.

The user-friendly dashboard in ChiroTouch allows for hassle-free navigation, specifically designed for chiropractors. It provides an organized overview of patient data. You can access SOAP notes, patient history, payments, and insurance information in one place to help you and your patients make decisions about their care and billing.

ChiroTouch’s dashboard also lets you track your practice’s performance by providing regular reports. These reports can help you adapt your workflow and find areas for improvement, such as cutting expenses for physical office supplies in favor of digital intake forms.

Efficient and Effective Practice Management with Chiropractic Practice Management Software

ChiroTouch can help take your new practice to the next level of efficiency and productivity, allowing you to generate more revenue while providing high-quality patient care. The software’s interface and advanced features allow you to manage patient data, monitor their progress, and stay in touch with them.

With ChiroTouch, you can streamline operations, minimize errors, and increase reimbursement rates with customizable macros and automatic insurance coding.

You can count on ChiroTouch to provide the tools and support you need to grow your chiropractic practice. Schedule a demo today to learn how ChiroTouch is the right chiropractic software for new practices looking to stay ahead of the competition and thrive even during tough economic times.

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