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  • Managing your chiropractic practice’s online reputation plays a big part in your practice’s success.
  • CT Engage is a patient communication tool from ChiroTouch that helps you manage your online reputation.
  • With CT Engage, you can send patient review requests and private feedback.
  • CT Engage also lets you monitor your online reviews and patient satisfaction metrics.


In today’s digital world, your chiropractic practice’s online reputation can make or break your success. CT Engage, ChiroTouch’s add-on patient communication tool package, automates patient text and email messaging to help you connect with patients, invite patients to leave positive reviews, and monitor online reviews.

Nearly 89% of people read online reviews before choosing a product or service, which means that potential clients who are interested in receiving chiropractic care from your practice are likely going to look up what your current and former patients have to say about your services online.

To run a successful practice, it is important that you efficiently manage your practice’s online reputation using a patient communication tool like CT Engage, an ancillary feature of ChiroTouch’s fully integrated chiropractic EHR practice management software.

With customized templates to ask for patient reviews, the ability to monitor patient satisfaction metrics, and automated feedback collection, you can manage your practice’s online reputation. This can help you attract new patients, retain the patients you already have, and grow your practice.

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The Importance of Your Online Reputation

Your chiropractic practice’s online reputation is one of the most essential elements of operating successfully in a digitally focused world. Online review spaces such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook function just like old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals.

But these reviews don’t just reach a small circle of people; they are seen by thousands of potential patients every day. This is why managing your online reputation plays a big part in whether or not your practice thrives.

There are two main types of reviews online: rated and written.

Rated Reviews

Written reviews sometimes accompany rated reviews, but typically they serve as an at-a-glance resource for viewers. Review platforms allow people to rate businesses on a scale, with typically five being the highest and one being the lowest, according to the service they received.

While a number of people rely on positive star ratings when making healthcare decisions, all positive reviews and few or no average ones can appear inauthentic to some potential patients.

Written Reviews

Written reviews allow patients to put words to their experience with your practice, whether positive or negative. Genuine, authentic feedback about the care you provided, the pleasant staff interactions at your practice, or the ease of scheduling and payment you offer are types of written feedback that potential patients can look at to judge whether they want to make an appointment with your chiropractic practice.

The statistics on the patronage of businesses based on customer or patient reviews is striking: According to a 2020 BrightLocal Local Community Review Survey, 93% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year. What’s more, an astonishing 92% of those surveyed said that negative reviews made them less likely to use a business.

These numbers indicate the absolute necessity of your practice’s proactive management of your online reputation.

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How CT Engage Helps You Cultivate Your Presence Online

With ChiroTouch’s add-on service, CT Engage, you can take control of your chiropractic practice’s reputation online in four distinct ways: Proactively manage comments, monitor reviews and satisfaction metrics, customize review requests, and collect private feedback automatically.

Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation

CT Engage allows you to proactively manage your online reputation by providing convenient patient surveys that you can send to patients as soon as they leave your practice.

When patients fill out these surveys, you encourage them to leave a positive review online or give you feedback if something didn’t go the way they’d have liked.

With CT Engage, patients have the option of providing you with feedback so that you can directly address their concerns, rather than posting online. You can then address negative feedback privately rather than after it’s been posted online.

Monitor Patient Reviews and Patient Satisfaction Metrics

Monitoring your online reviews is more crucial today than ever before. In the BrightLocal survey above, a whopping 96% of consumers said they read a business’s response to its online reviews. It’s clear that your practice needs to be aware of what your patients are saying.

With CT Engage, you can monitor patient reviews and satisfaction metrics so you can respond to them. A thoughtful and caring response to a negative review can shift the opinion of a potential patient in your favor.

By staying up-to-date on the ratings and reviews your patients leave about your practice, you can also see how your practice is performing. You’ll be able to take action to perfect any areas experiencing lower ratings and maintain current actions that are garnering good reviews.

Customize Review Requests, Messages, and Auto-Replies

CT Engage’s customization features allow you to send out requests to specific patients asking them to leave a review. You can also customize an auto-reply to those who leave a rating or comment on your social media platforms. The BrightLocal survey found that 7 out of 10 people leave online reviews when directly asked to, so having this option is a great tool in building your online presence.

Additionally, part of building a successful brand for your chiropractic practice is garnering positive patient reviews on your social media accounts. Asking for reviews from top patients is an excellent way to grow your practice’s reputation online. This keeps your online reviews fresh and current, lending authenticity and trustworthiness to your practice.

Collect Feedback Automatically

CT Engage lets you collect reviews and feedback automatically from patients and keeps you up to date on your practice’s online reputation in real time. With CT Engage, you don’t have to go searching through all your online review platforms to manually gather information to see how your practice ranks with patients.

Instead, you can receive automatic updates that show you exactly what patients are saying immediately after they say it.

Additional Benefits of CT Engage

CT Engage is a helpful tool for managing your practice’s online reputation; however, it is also an amazing patient communication tool.

In addition to online reputation management features, CT Engage allows your practice to:

  • Reduce appointment no-shows and cancellations with patient reminders and appointment confirmations.
  • Easily and quickly communicate with patients through customizable alerts and messaging.
  • Create and send out patient recall campaigns to improve patient retention.
  • Increase patient engagement with advanced email and text messaging tools.
  • Grow your practice with email marketing campaigns.

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