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December 28, 2017 by ChiroTouch Article EHR, Business Management

Using the power of chiropractic software, iPad apps can help bring your chiropractic office into the 21st century.  Chiropractic software for iPads allows you to keep up to date with your patient’s needs, improve employee performance, and harness more practical functionality across a variety of devices.

Chiropractic Software for iPad Makes Your Clinic Truly Mobile

Because ChiroTouch’s iPad apps function via the cloud, you can connect to your patient database and invoicing information from anywhere you have mobile Internet or WiFi access.  It’s incredibly fast because it transmits raw data only, giving you and your patients lightning fast access from almost anywhere.

Continuity Across Multiple Platforms

We offer our customers a truly innovative iPad solution that makes it easy and enjoyable for your employees to access and interact with all patient data in your ChiroTouch database.  Our proprietary process was designed specifically to allow employees and patients to interact across multiple platforms, helping you keep your office and your patients in sync.

Create and Use Interactive Assessment Tools

CTIntake works seamlessly with ChiroTouch’s total practice management system.  It gives patients the opportunity to fill out their new patient intake forms on any compatible device with internet access.  Patients can quickly complete the paperwork in your waiting room.  This can minimize crowding at the front desk and speeding up appointments so you can get more out of everyday.

Our CTProvider app combines our Provider-All-in-One screen with a powerful iPad chiropractic software interface, eliminating the need for multiple desktops or supplemental hardware configurations. You’ll save money and time across every aspect of patient care.

Chiropractic EHR Software iPad

The Outcomes Assessment app can effectively track each patient’s level of discomfort, range of motion and severity of disability using a short sequence of targeted questions.  You can easily collect patient information in-office using a chiropractic software iPad app.  Then you can develop detailed and customizable reports.  In just seconds, each patient can update you on their condition prior to treatment.  This way you can focus on providing the appropriate care and rehabilitation at each appointment.

ChiroTouch’s chiropractic software iPad apps will streamline every aspect of patient care. Free your staff to focus on care rather than questions.  To learn more, visit us us at www.chirotouch.com and request a free demonstration.

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