Chiropractic Practice Management Software Maximizes Office Efficiency


  • ChiroTouch is a chiropractic practice management software system that integrates all functions of chiropractic management — from check-in to billing — for a smooth and efficient flow of information.
  • Providers and all staff have easy and immediate access to all patient information.
  • ChiroTouch is customizable using preset and easy-to-create macros.
  • ChiroTouch simplifies documentation and billing that’s fully Medicare-compliant.

There are plenty of tips, tricks, hints, hacks, best practices and ways of improving administrative efficiency in a chiropractic office. Some of these are physical changes, like changing the layout and organization of your office. Others involve tweaking the workflow and flow of patients through the stages of a treatment session.

These are all good ways to help your practice run more smoothly, but you won’t be able to take full advantage of them if you’re using different systems for everything. It doesn’t matter how well you streamline your workflow when staff and providers have to switch between different systems that don’t communicate automatically.

What if, instead, you had a single cloud based chiropractic practice management software package that handled everything? One system to handle patient sign-in/intake, provider charting, chiropractic EHR, billing/claims, and payments? A system that makes communication between front office, providers, and billing simple and seamless?

Today we’re going to take a look at how using one system for everyone in your chiropractic office can make your practice more efficient than ever. Whether you’re a smooth operator already or an inefficient ball of stress, ChiroTouch is here to help chiropractors thrive and grow their practices, no matter the size or type.

Your Current System Is Holding You Back

If you’re searching the internet for ways to boost your practice’s efficiency, that’s a dead giveaway that your current system isn’t working for you. Here are a few scenarios you might be familiar with:

  • Your system causes your staff to pull their hair out and forces providers to sacrifice their personal time to help with non-clinical tasks.
  • You have a backlog of unresolved insurance claims and struggle to keep up with collecting from your cash-paying patients.
  • You want to grow your practice, but the fear that your current system can’t handle any more patients is far too real.
  • It takes forever to train new staff members because the system is complicated and unintuitive, making practice turnover costly and inefficient.
  • Front office staff have to spend too much time calling patients to remind them of appointments. (ChiroTouch has an automated solution for this — CT Engage.)
  • Your practice’s systems aren’t integrated with each other, causing miscommunication among staff and too much time spent on the phone for scheduling issues, missed appointments, and resolving insurance claim problems.
  • You have trouble keeping up with charting and may have compliance issues as a result.
  • Your staff is still dealing with the inefficiencies of using, filing (and misfiling), and storage of paper documents.

If any of these sound familiar to you, then your current way of doing things is probably holding you back from realizing your practice’s full potential.

Turn Your Front Desk Staff Into Office All-Stars

working at a desk using ChiroTouch's chiropractic practice management software

It’s no secret that your front desk staff, such as your chiropractic assistant (CA) and office manager, are integral to your practice’s success. If they don’t have the tools they need to do their work efficiently, it means inconvenience for patients. What’s more, providers are able to see fewer patients, and important messages may not be delivered to patients or providers in a timely fashion.

With the integration of self check-in with ChiroTouch, all staff are immediately aware when a patient signs in and can track their progress through their visit.

Providers Just Want To Provide

Whether they’re the sole chiropractor or part of a multi-provider practice, chiropractors want to spend their time working their magic for their patients, not on administrative tasks. A big part of that is making sure the tasks of reviewing chart notes and writing new ones at each visit can be done as efficiently as possible.

In the charting section of the software, the provider will spend less time on the chart note, as the information the patient provided via check-in will auto populate into the subjective portion of the chart note.

A system of fully customizable macro buttons and a SALT (same as last time) function allow providers to instantly pull in frequently used text for chiropractic SOAP notes.

From there, providers input the individual patient information for that visit to generate chart notes in seconds along with diagnoses, treatment plans, treatment notes, and more, all of which are fully Medicare-compliant.

Maximum Efficiency Means Maximum Information Access — From Sign-In to Billing

Typing on a tablet

Once a provider encounter is complete, the process of patient check-out, billing, and payment collection begins. Because the patient’s EHR and diagnosis codes entered by their provider are immediately available to authorized staff, ChiroTouch eliminates the need to pull patient charts to find the information needed to submit a claim to insurance or bill a cash-paying patient. And it’s easier to remain compliant with electronic health records than with paper.

Fast, automated information access also means billing staff can submit claims quickly with a few mouse clicks. Front office staff can immediately schedule a patient for appointments several weeks in advance based on the treatment plan the provider just entered. Patients can be informed of what they’ll be expected to pay well in advance, so there aren’t any annoying billing surprises to disrupt their appointments.

All the Information You Need and None You Don’t

ChiroTouch stands apart from other chiropractic practice management software by recognizing that each role in a chiropractic office has different information needs.

ChiroTouch solves this challenge by having role-specific workspaces that present the information each role uses most often to perform their day-to-day duties. For example, front desk staff require a dashboard that focuses on patient appointments and sign-ins, but a provider is more likely to need a patient’s chart and treatment history to be immediately viewable.

Naturally, all the information found on each ChiroTouch workspace is seamlessly integrated and accessible to all roles. The dashboards merely prioritize information to help staff, chiropractic assistants, providers, and billers to do their work as efficiently as possible.

ChiroTouch, the Standard in Chiropractic Practice Management Software, Is Better Than Ever!

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level of efficiency and productivity, there’s never been a better time to transition to the cloud. Our cloud-based chiropractic software gives you streamlined efficiency at every turn.

Switching to our cloud-based chiropractic EHR and practice management system lets you boost productivity and minimize coding and reporting errors. Our platform helps grow your practice using an all-in-one, completely integrated platform.

With ChiroTouch, you can use customizable macros to finish compliant SOAP notes in 15 seconds. ChiroTouch also allows for automatic insurance coding so you can improve your reimbursement rate.

ChiroTouch also lets you access all of your patient and business data from anywhere and on any device, even between multiple practice locations. Give your patients access to online portals where they can handle new patient paperwork, self check-ins, and get in touch with you at their convenience. It’s the next generation of chiropractic EHR software that works the way you do.

Users of ChiroTouch have reported a 56% average increase in revenue and 20 hours per week saved on administrative tasks. This boost in efficiency lets you do what you became a chiropractor to do: help patients improve their well-being. You can support your entire practice with ChiroTouch, streamlining daily operations for your staff, yourself, and your patients.

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