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Need help editing, rescheduling, or canceling patient appointments and tracking the reasons why? Here’s how:

Removing, rescheduling, or canceling patient appointments from the front desk screen:


To remove a patient from Today’s Appointments, select the patient’s name from the list and click the Remove button. A confirmation dialog box appears.

There are three options for removing a patient:

  1. Cancel:To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must specify a reason for the change. To cancel this appointment and mark it on this patient’s calendar as canceled, select a reason for the cancellation from the list, and click the Cancel Appt button.
  2. Reschedule:To reschedule this appointment and mark it on this patient’s calendar as rescheduled, click the Reschedule button.When rescheduling, a calendar appears. Use the left and right arrows at the top of the screen to change the month or year in which you would like to select a new appointment date.The original appointment that you are rescheduling is shown in blue font.To select a date, click the date on the calendar. This day highlights in pink.Click the Next button to continue rescheduling this appointment. Now you may reschedule the appointment following the same instructions as Schedule an Appointment.
  3. DeleteTo delete this appointment from all records, click the Delete Appt button. A dialog box appears to verify the deletion. Click the Yes button to delete the appointments.

Editing, rescheduling, or canceling patient appointments from the CTScheduler:

In CT Scheduler, you can edit any current or future appointment that has not yet been checked in. You may not edit an appointment if the appointment is already checked in, checked out, or has occurred on a past date.

  1. To edit an appointment, double-click inside an appointment box in the work area.
  2. The functions contained in the Edit Appointment dialog box are similar to those in the Schedule Appointment dialog box, with the exception that you are not creating a new appointment but are editing a current appointment. Within this box, you can Edit, Reschedule, Cancel or Delete the appointment.
  3. In the appointment box, click once to view appointment details in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen; and double-click the appointment to open the Edit Appointment dialog box.


Use the first tab to edit the appointment. Use the Edit function if you want to make changes to the appointment color, date, purpose, room type, etc., without necessarily rescheduling or canceling the appointment.

The only value you may not change is the Patient. If you want to change the appointment to a different patient account, then you must either cancel or delete the appointment and create a new one.

Make any changes as needed and click the Update Appt button to apply changes and update the work area. Click the Close button to cancel your changes.


Click the Reschedule tab to make changes to every appointment detail except for the patient’s account. You will most often change the date and time for rescheduled appointments.

When you reschedule an appointment, you must specify a reason. Use the drop-down menu to choose a reason for your rescheduling. If you cannot find an appropriate reason for the choices provided, simply type your own explanation in the box.

After you are finished rescheduling the appointment, click the Reschedule Appt button to apply your changes and update the work area. The appointment appears in a new segment according to your rescheduled date and/or time.


Use the third tab to cancel the appointment. Within this tab, the system does not allow you to make changes to the appointment’s details. You are only allowed to select or type a reason for the canceled appointment.

Select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu. If you have pre-selected a reason in the Configuration Options dialog box, this reason will be selected here automatically (Configuring Display Options).

After adding the cancellation reason, click the Cancel Appt button to exit the dialog box. The system will immediately remove the individual appointment from the work area.


Use the last tab to delete the appointment. You will use the Delete tab if you made a scheduling mistake or otherwise need to remove the appointment but do not want to mark it as canceled or rescheduled. The Delete tab does not allow for any value changes, and this function does not require a reason.

If you need to delete an appointment, do not wait to update the Scheduler. If you do not delete an appointment, it appears the following day as a missed appointment.

First, verify that the appointment needs to be deleted, then click the Delete Appt button.

An additional pop-up box appears when deleting an appointment. You will be prompted to verify your intention to permanently delete the appointment so that it is not retained in the system as a scheduled, rescheduled, canceled, or otherwise missed appointment. Click the OK button to remove the appointment entirely from the system.

Drag and Drop

To quickly update an appointment to a new time or date, you can drag and drop the appointment box to a new position in the work area. This action brings up a confirmation box to keep you from dragging an appointment by mistake.

You cannot drag and drop an appointment if the appointment is checked in, checked out, or has occurred on a past date.

To Drag and Drop an Appointment or Event:

  1. Place your cursor over the black bar on the left side of the appointment box.
  2. Click your cursor on the black bar.
  3. Holding down your mouse click, drag the appointment box to a new time segment in the work area.
  4. Release your finger from the left mouse click button to drop the appointment in the new slot.
  5. A Change Appointment dialog box appears. The top section of the box displays the appointment’s current details. The bottom portion shows new details of the appointment. According to where you dragged and dropped the box in the work area, the details will show a new date and/or time. You may continue to edit further details.
  6. Click the “Update Appt” button to confirm your changes and update the appointment.

The only way to drag an appointment is to click the left bar in the box. You cannot click anywhere in the box and drag it. This restriction is to help reduce user errors.

Removing, editing, rescheduling, or canceling patient appointments from the front desk Patient Management screen > Appointments tab:


To view a patient’s past and future appointments, select a patient and click the “Appointments” button on the Patient Management screen.

To remove a future appointment:

  1. Select a future appointment from the list.
  2. Click the “Remove Future Appt” button.
  3. A Confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. The “Confirm change in appointment” area of this dialog box displays the patient name, date of appointment, assigned provider, and purpose of appointment. These fields cannot be edited.
  5. Select a Reason for Appointment Change from the available list of reasons.  To enter a new reason, click in the empty field and enter the reason. If you would like to save this reason for later use, click the “Save?” checkbox to the right of this field.
  6. Click the “Cancel Appt” button to cancel the appointment and mark it as canceled in the patient’s record. Click the “Reschedule” button to reschedule the appointment to a later date. If you choose to reschedule the appointment, you will be sent to the appointment scheduling calendar screen.

Click the Delete Appointment button to delete the appointment entirely and remove it from the patient’s record.

To edit past or future appointments:

    1. Double-click on an appointment in either the Future Appointments or Past Appointments list.
    2. In the Update Appointment dialog box, set the appointment’s scheduled time, length, provider, purpose of visit, appointment color, and add a note, if desired.
    3. Click the “OK” button. The appointment will now reflect your changes.

To view a list of canceled appointments:

Click the “Cancelled Appts” button.

To edit a canceled appointment:

  1. Click the “Cancelled Appts” button.
  2. Double-click an appointment in the “Cancelled, Missed, Rescheduled Appointments” list and update the appointment details in the “Update Appointment” screen.
  3. Click the “Close” button to exit the Appointments screen and return to the Patient Management home screen.

Missed, Cancelled, Rescheduled appointment reasons can be added to the master list through the Maintenance Application > List Maintenance > and choosing the drop-down for “Appointment Cancelation reasons”

List Maintenance

Lists are preloaded based on the information you provide during training. Additional items can be added, or items that are not appropriate to your practice can be removed. These lists include:

Add a new list value

  1. Select the list from the Select List drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the empty row with the asterisk (*) beside it.
  3. Type a List Value.
  4. Press the TAB key on your keyboard to save this new value.

Delete a list value

  1. Select your list from the Select List drop-down menu.
  2. Click the gray box to the left of the List Value that you would like to delete. This list value will highlight in blue when selected.
  3. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard to delete this value.
  4. A dialog box appears to verify the deletion.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Exit to exit the List Maintenance screen.


ChiroTouch provides this information with the understanding that authors or speakers are not experts in finance, regulatory policy or law. ChiroTouch shares this information to the best of our knowledge and experience. The information is subject to change as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

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