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  • Chiropractic love is giving your patients the best care possible and streamlining the practice workload for your staff. 
  • ChiroTouch cloud-based chiropractic practice management software helps you show love to your patients and staff with automated features like billing, insurance, and scheduling.
  • Redefine love at your practice with integrated software that streamlines workflows and improves the patient experience.

ChiroTouch is redefining what love is for patients and staff through features that help you increase efficiency and reduce paperwork at every touch-point for the entire practice. From scheduling to check-in to billing, ChiroTouch helps you provide high-quality care to your patients.

Learn how ChiroTouch enables your practice to deliver a seamless patient experience and streamlined workflow for the office through a user-friendly, customizable platform.

9 Ways ChiroTouch Helps You Care for Your Patients and Staff

ChiroTouch’s integrated, cloud-based chiropractic software streamlines workflows that help define your love language with staff and patients. Implementing these features with ChiroTouch can help your practice thrive and allow you to focus on what you love most: caring for your patients.

Macros for Fast, Accurate Charting

ChiroTouch offers two ways to use fast, accurate macros for a quick charting experience to document SOAP notes. Cash-only practices can use EasyTouch macros to record the dates of patients’ visits, which include findings, evaluations, and treatments.

For insurance practices, BulletTouch macros enhance your practice’s charting experience with an intuitive touchscreen dashboard detailing patient care and billing codes that work with your billing and insurance system. Macros make it easier for your staff to provide quality care to patients instead of spending time entering redundant data into several programs.

Automated Reminders for Fewer No-Shows

For patients to benefit from your expert care, they need to show up for their appointments. ChiroTouch lets you show them you care with automated reminders.

Studies show that patients prefer text reminders to impersonal calling systems. With CT Engage, you can send automated reminders for upcoming appointments, saving your staff time and energy to reach out to patients individually.

And with ChiroTouch’s online scheduling, patients can schedule and reschedule appointments at any time or day of week. If a patient needs to cancel, they can do it quickly and easily online, making it less likely that they will simply not show.

Customizable Templates for Improved Patient Communication

Creating outreach campaigns for patient communication is easy with customizable templates in ChiroTouch’s CTEngage tool. The service provides a range of templates to communicate with current patients and reconnect with inactive patients through targeted emails and texts.

You can also send personalized text messages to all your patients or specific groups of patients, reminding your patients that you care. At the same time, your practice will save time once spent on conducting phone outreach and sending direct mail campaigns.

Integrated Payment Processing for Better Cash Flow

Reduce patient wait times and make paying more convenient for your patients. ChiroTouch is an integrated payment solution that simplifies the payment process and allows chiropractic billers to work from an all-in-one platform.

The CT Payments tool in ChiroTouch enables staff members to save their patients’ payment information and schedule regular payments for convenient, affordable, and accessible chiropractic care. Automatically post payments to patient accounts, whether patients pay in person with swipe or chip cards, via mobile app, or online, minimizing the time it takes for them to appear in your practice’s cash flow.

Bonus: The integrated payment features in ChiroTouch help you get paid faster!

15-Second SOAP Notes

ChiroTouch’s macros let you easily create SOAP records for each patient in about 15 seconds. The macros provide the structure and prompts so your providers understand the information required to complete CMS-compliant SOAP notes. Your patients will benefit when you have more time to focus on them in the exam room.

ChiroTouch macros automatically import patient registration responses with your intake tools. You can complete your SOAP notes with customized macros for exam findings, treatment plans, and billing codes in your notes. SOAP notes automatically flow into patient records for ease of billing.

Integrated Claims Management

This Valentine’s Day, share the love with your staff as well! Complex medical billing, coding, and manual patient data entry into paper forms might overwhelm your staff with billing tasks. Billers will appreciate how ChiroTouch simplifies the claims process with an autocoding engine and automated claims submission.

With ChiroTouch, your claims go through an automated clearinghouse, so your practice experiences fewer claim denials and coding errors. Eliminate billing headaches for you, your staff, and your patients while boosting your reimbursement rate and improving cash flow.

Simplified Accounting and Reporting

ChiroTouch gives you access to your accounting reports, allowing you to easily track revenue numbers and view your financial statements in real time. You can use this feature to manage your practice efficiently, follow up with patients, and keep up with changing regulations.

For instance, the Aged Patient Receivables report can help you track patient balances and prevent them from becoming unmanageable, which can lead to patients withdrawing from your practice. Patients will appreciate your practice following up with them to offer flexible payment plans.

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HIPAA-Compliant Security For Worry-Free Data Storage

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported an increase in data breaches from 2015 to 2021, affecting between 5 and 113 million people. To protect your patients’ privacy under HIPAA, ChiroTouch uses encryption and authentication methods to prevent data breaches. Only authorized users can access your patients’ information, reducing the risk of sharing confidential data with unauthorized parties.

You also never have to worry about disasters damaging your data with Chirotouch’s cloud hosting services. ChiroTouch’s AWS framework handles system stability and data security so you can focus on providing patient care.

Cloud-Based Operating System for Anywhere, Anytime Access

You can access ChiroTouch from any browser on an internet-connected device, allowing you to handle practice-related tasks no matter where you are. With one sign-in, you’ll see patient scheduling, charting, billing, claims management, and patient engagement tools from a single workspace.

Through ChiroTouch’s cloud-based platform, patients can complete registration and intake forms and schedule appointments online and receive automated appointment reminders. These features help patients feel empowered about their care and experience excellent customer service, leading to more referrals for your practice.

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Spread the Love with ChiroTouch, the Standard in Chiropractic Practice Management Software

ChiroTouch’s customizable platform allows you to prioritize patient health and well-being at your practice. This Valentine’s Day, share the love with your patients and staff by using ChiroTouch’s automated features to improve the patient experience, streamline office workflows, and simplify billing and coding.

Book a demo today and find out how ChiroTouch helps you focus on helping patients live better and healthier lives.

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