Running a Chiropractic Business: What They Didn't Teach in School
April 15, 2016 by ChiroTouch Article Business Management

A chiropractic education prepares you for many aspects of your new career, including basic, diagnostic, and clinical sciences, promoting health and wellness, diagnostic imaging, and other professional foundations. Chiropractic schools provide the foundations for most everything you will encounter when running your chiropractic business. But these foundations can stop short of the tall orders required of you once you actually open your doors. Here are four ways to build upon that educational foundation.

You Must Continue to Create a Compelling Business

Even an existing chiropractic practice may not continue to thrive once its original owner has placed their keys into your capable hands. And therefore, regardless of how sound and savvy you run the daily operations of your new business, you must create a compelling reason for your clients to continue to return to render your services. Think about what makes you special, and give new and returning clients a one-in-a-million experience when they come to your practice. Make each visit memorable, and you’ll find your patients last a lifetime.

Social Media Reigns Supreme

An education in chiropractic does not always include the finer points of marketing your business in an increasingly digital world. Social media is a free and functional way in which to reach clients once they’ve walked out your practice doors. Spend the time to learn about how to harness social media, and watch your practice flourish without having to spend dollar over dollar on conventional marketing efforts.

Technology Training Is Important

It is not necessarily top-of-mind when making your way through your schooling, but you will be touching technology every day that you practice out in the world. And electronic health records systems are complex and highly advanced systems. In order to get the most out of your software, training is of the utmost importance. Take the time to sit down and truly understand the ins and outs of your chosen practice management software.

Money Management Makes All the Difference

You may know how to gather payment for your services, but do you know exactly how to manage those dollars once you have them in your hands? If you still feel a little unsteady on the financial front, take some time to gain additional education in money management. After all, much of running a chiropractic practice happens behind the scenes, after you close your doors for the day.

Finding a good mentor who has real life experience with practice financials, learning how to market your unique worth, harnessing the power of social media, and learning the ins and outs of your practice management software are all steps that can help you extend upon your educational foundation and find prolonged success in your new practice.

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