How New Chiropractic Technology has Changed the Profession

Businesses of all types are using the power of technology to become more efficient and deliver a better service or product. From data analytics to artificial intelligence (AI), companies are making significant investments in technology to grow and improve.

In the chiropractic industry, practices have traditionally been slow to adopt new technology. However, since the introduction of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, practices are required to store patient data in an electronic health record (EHR) system.

As a result, practices have had to embrace new chiropractic technology. They are now seeing the need to use technology to keep up in the healthcare industry, make their practices more efficient, and improve patient satisfaction.

Chiropractic marketing, cloud technology, and chiropractic practice management software are just some of the new technologies in chiropractics that are revolutionizing the chiropractic profession.

Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has transformed the way chiropractors communicate with patients and how they market their services. It can reach broader audiences in a way that print media can’t.

Chiropractors are using social media platforms, blogging, and email marketing to add a personal element to their advertising that increases the likelihood of turning readers into patients.

Social media platforms. With chiropractic social media marketing you can tailor your online marketing content to suit your target demographic and the services you offer. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for older patients, for example. Visual-based platforms like Instagram and TikTok are better suited to younger demographics and sports-related services.

Social media allows you to post content promoting special offers or events. Some practices also use it to offer incentives to their followers to schedule an appointment or refer a friend.

Savvy practices also use it to engage their readers, which can be a valuable way to keep your practice top of mind for potential patients.

Websites and blogs. In today’s world, every business needs a website to establish legitimacy and attract customers or clients. Chiropractic practices are no exception. But a website alone is not enough; you also need to build an online following among Gen X and millennial patients (and even baby boomers!) through blogging.

Blogging is designed to increase traffic to your website, thereby building your brand and bringing in new patients. Dedicate a staff member or outsource to a professional writing service to generate relevant and engaging blog posts regularly. The most effective content provides helpful information to potential new patients rather than trying to sell your services.

Cloud Technology

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Healthcare practices initially kept their EHR systems on on-site servers. More recently, cloud technology has made it possible for them to keep their EHRs on host servers in other locations.

This technology lets staff and providers access their EHR from any device and any location; they are no longer tied to their desktop computers or limited by on-site storage capacities.

What’s more, cloud servers are a more secure way to store data. They also provide automatic backups and eliminate the need for practices to find space to store paper records or on-site servers.

Cloud technology has also made telehealth services possible, providing greater access to chiropractic treatments for patients in remote locations or those who are housebound. It can also help patients and chiropractors monitor at-home exercise and treatment protocols in real time.

A cloud-based system also has the advantage of being paperless. Physical paperwork is increasingly impractical when running a chiropractic practice. It’s easy to lose paper forms and make billing and coding mistakes when entering text manually (or worse, writing it by hand).

EHR software prevents these problems and automates basic tasks, minimizing the risk of human error when inputting data.

Paperless systems also increase efficiency and save time. You can easily store, access, and share documents, improving the overall workflow of the practice.

The consolidation of paper documents and multiple digital systems into one streamlined EHR solution means less time filing and record-keeping and more time with your patients.

Chiropractic Practice Management Software

One of the more impactful technological advances in chiropractic has been the development of chiropractic practice management software. The best versions now combine a practice’s EHR with practice management functions to create integrated chiropractic EHR software.

What Is Integrated Chiropractic EHR Software?

As we stated earlier, early EHR software simply stored patients’ records electronically. Today, most health-related practices use an EHR system.

However, software products are now available that combine the functions of an EHR with the tools needed to manage all aspects of a chiropractic practice, such as scheduling, billing, and managing insurance claims.

Following are some of the benefits of adopting integrated chiropractic EHR software for your practice.

Easy Online Scheduling

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An essential advantage of integrated EHR software is how it simplifies scheduling. Patients can make appointments online, and the schedule is automatically updated. When patients get used to booking their appointments online, you save valuable time on administrative tasks.

With this new chiropractic technology patients also appreciate that they can book or cancel appointments when it’s convenient and are no longer restricted by your office hours.

Smoother Workflow

Better patient management tools let you improve practice workflow and patient experience during visits. A good integrated EHR streamlines the data entry process from scheduling to billing. And data is instantly synced to all relevant areas of the system, eliminating redundant text entry.

Integrated Billing and Payment Technology

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Manual data entry, endless paperwork, and filing insurance claims all slow down your reimbursement rate. An EHR software system with an integrated billing feature can help streamline patient payments and get you paid faster.

For insurance-based practices, EHR systems reduce the incidence of claim denial by ensuring that your billing CPT codes are CMS-compliant. The best integrated EHRs also incorporate a clearinghouse function, so your practice only has to deal with one system rather than multiple vendors.

If you run a cash practice, integrated billing allows you to keep patients’ cards on file. This convenience can increase your likelihood of getting paid at the time of service — no more forgotten checkbooks.

EHR software ensures your accounts are up-to-date for billing and administrative staff by posting payments directly to digital ledgers. Built-in encryption lets you protect patient card numbers and schedule recurring payments without fear of a data breach.

Improved Practice and Treatment Protocols With Analytics

integrated chiropractic EHR software

Using an integrated EHR software system lets you take advantage of one of the biggest tech trends in the healthcare industry: analytics. Analytics allows you to predict patient behavior based on data points entered into your EHR system to improve patient engagement and retention.

Analytics provide actionable reports that allow you to pinpoint when patients deviate from treatment protocols, allowing you to take proactive steps to help them stay on track, such as sending reminders.

ChiroTouch, The Cloud Standard, Can Improve Your Practice

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ChiroTouch is a completely integrated chiropractic EHR solution that incorporates all the technical advantages mentioned above and more.

ChiroTouch uses the most advanced chiropractic technology in the industry to benefit your practice in the following ways:

  • We designed ChiroTouch as a fully integrated platform, including EHR, Scheduling, Check-In, Charting, Billing, Claim Management, Payments, and Patient Engagement. We’re the only software that delivers a true all-in-one solution.
  • ChiroTouch users have access to an extensive library of multi-modal support, including articles, podcasts, and webinars. Out intuitive in-app help system also provides step-by-step guidance where and when you need it. We did the hard work so you don’t have to.
  • ChiroTouch is created and backed by experts. ChiroTouch was developed specifically for chiropractors. Our team of over 250 staff, developers, trainers, and chiropractors is your assurance that you can count on ChiroTouch.
  • We have over 20 years of experience helping chiropractic practices become more efficient with the power of new technologies. With over 10,000 loyal users, we are the most trusted chiropractic practice management software in the industry. In fact, 50% of our users were referred by a friend, colleague, or coach.

ChiroTouch has powerful, completely integrated features. We designed it with busy practices in mind, so it all functions work together with a single sign-in. No more frustration dealing with multiple vendors, apps, and passwords. From scheduling to insurance claims management, ChiroTouch does it all, seamlessly.

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