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September 7, 2022 by ChiroTouch Team Article EHR, Patient Care

Flexibility and mobility aren’t just treatment goals for your patients. Mobile, flexible chiropractic practice management systems are crucial for modern chiropractors who want to thrive.

Society and technology are changing at breakneck speeds. In fact, technological change is accelerating at such a rate that your practice needs to remain flexible and adaptable to keep meeting patient demands, now and in the future.

Luckily, the tools are available to help chiropractic practices adapt to the changing needs of the future. Electronic health records (EHRs) and integrated chiropractic software streamline workflows and enhance patient care. Implemented correctly, these tools can help your practice thrive for years to come.


A key component of flexibility, versatility is the ability for something to have multiple uses. This can be seen in your practices as multiple uses for the physical space your chiropractic practice occupies, or discovering multiple ways to use your chiropractic software.

Plan B

Versatility in your physical chiropractic space maximizes the benefits your office provides for your practice. When planning a new chiropractic office, it’s important to plan for spaces that can have multiple uses depending on current demand.

Healthcare and chiropractic care aren’t immune to trends. For a thriving practice, having treatment rooms that are easily altered or modified can help you meet patient demand and grow your practice.

Your chiropractic software should also be versatile, helping your practice stay flexible and become mobile. ChiroTouch chiropractic EHR software allows for complete integration. You’ll have access to your patient scheduling, check-in, charting, billing, claim management, payments, and patient engagement, all with a single sign-in.

ChiroTouch is easy to access through any browser; you can untether your practice from your desk using a cloud-based program. This versatile software is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, letting you adapt to patient needs and changes in the chiropractic practice environment with ease.


For your practice to be flexible and mobile, you must design it with the principle of modifiability in mind. Just as you manipulate a patient’s spine to achieve relief, you can manipulate your systems and practice management tools to gain an edge.

The ability to manipulate tools in your treatment rooms to perform different tasks can be a significant cost-saver for chiropractic practices. Furniture that supports multiple uses or transitions to a new item with the removal of a few parts helps your practice quickly adapt to different needs without investing in several different pieces.

Adapt modify customize personalize

Modifiability should extend to your software systems as well. A cloud-based electronic health record and practice management system like ChiroTouch can be adapted to your practice with a few simple clicks. As your practice grows and develops, ChiroTouch can be personalized for how you practice chiropractic.

With the ability to modify macros for SOAP notes, appointment types, and provider availability, ChiroTouch helps your practice stay just as flexible as your patients.

We also designed ChiroTouch to provide optimal workflows for each practitioner and support team member in your practice. At the same time, the team is easily brought together with instant access to updated information and secure messaging within the software.


While versatility allows you to customize your software to meet your needs, convertibility lets you easily add features or even change from one system to another.

Physical spaces are nearly endlessly convertible. However, conversion typically requires significant time, effort, and monetary investment. In your chiropractic practice, it’s much more effective to consider convertibility for your less tangible investments.

Your chiropractic management software should be easily convertible to increase the flexibility of your practice. With an integrated solution like ChiroTouch, you can add services and features based on the needs of your practice. You can upgrade at any time.

ChiroTouch helps you convert from a paper-based to a paperless practice. It allows you to quickly digitize and migrate your administrative and patient data without the need for professional IT staff.

Multimodal support and extensive self-service resources ensure that your practice can become almost completely paper-free in as little as 24 hours.


Help your practice thrive by integrating the principle of scalability into its management. For your practice, scalability helps you stay flexible to meet changing demands while providing the same high level of customer experience.

Office space is difficult to scale without construction or moving to new premises. When building your practice, it’s important to consider the need to expand the space in the future as your reputation and patient base grows. Consider if the space you’re leasing has other units available to allow expansion within the same building.

Alternatively, rather than expanding your space, quality cloud-based integrated chiropractic EHR software like ChiroTouch will allow you to downsize, even as your practice grows.

ChiroTouch makes this possible by eliminating the need for on-site servers and space for paper file storage.

Mountain climber

Your chiropractic software can also help your practice scale up. As you grow and add positions and patients, ChiroTouch can help your team adapt and integrate seamlessly.

ChiroTouch is easy to learn. You’ll minimize onboarding time for new staff, letting them prioritize patient care sooner. It’s also easy to use. The care dashboards and patient workflows keep every team member up to date at a glance.

ChiroTouch is the ultimate tool to enhance flexibility and scalability in your practice.

Get Ready to Go Mobile

Trends in telemedicine have rapidly accelerated. Chiropractic care is no exception. As the world adopts more mobile technology and telehealth becomes widely accepted, chiropractors need to be ready to keep up.

While certain aspects of your practice will never go virtual, such as manual adjustments, your practice can expand its reach and impact by exploring virtual options.

As you take your practice into the future, you need a powerful software system to support your developing needs. ChiroTouch helps chiropractors and their team members meet patient expectations with increased efficiency and profitability.

With easy access from anywhere, you can offer your patients faster response times and effortless scheduling.

Team members can have flexible work options while they all use the same cloud-based system. Treatment will never be delayed due to slow upload times. With instant access to information afforded by real-time data synchronization, ChiroTouch keeps everyone in your practice completely up to date.

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With rigorous security standards, you don’t have to worry that your software system is putting your practice at risk of a data hack or security breach.  ChiroTouch has invested heavily in robust penetration testing to protect your patients’ health information.

Your practice deserves a software solution that grows with you and adapts as necessary. ChiroTouch was designed specifically for chiropractors to offer a tailored solution for their practices.

ChiroTouch is the Standard in Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Chirotouch screen shot

With over 12,000 loyal customers, many of whom have been using ChiroTouch for over a decade, ChiroTouch is the most trusted chiropractic EHR software in the industry.

Unlike other EHR software, ChiroTouch was created specifically for chiropractors by a team of 250 developers, staff, and chiropractors. Our team of experts has designed ChiroTouch to be easy in every way:

  • Completely integrated: ChiroTouch combines EHR, scheduling, insurance management, and payment processing in a single platform. Patient information, SOAP notes, and treatment history are all accessible from one dashboard.
  • Continuous innovation: Our users love the customizable macros that make documentation a breeze. Combined with touch screen functionality, these simple-to-personalize macros let providers create SOAP notes in just 15 seconds. At-a-glance dashboards give you actionable insights to improve practice performance. Users can also customize appointment types, provider availability, and workflows to make ChiroTouch the perfect fit for the way your practice works.
  • Cloud capability: Because it’s cloud-based, ChiroTouch is available to all office members, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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