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There are many types of chiropractic billing systems out there, but not all chiropractic billing software is the same, nor do they all offer the same features or support. Here’s how to find the best chiropractic billing software for your practice.

Best Chiropractic Billing Software

The right chiropractic billing software helps your practice thrive. The wrong type of chiropractic billing software can cause serious loss of revenue. How do you find the best chiropractic billing software for your practice? As with any major investment, it requires doing some research. Start by asking other chiropractors about their billing software and what they do and do not like about it. You certainly want to rule out software that others have already “road tested” for you if the product is problematic. When a chiropractor raves about their billing software, ask for specifics, especially whether the software has helped them increase revenue. You may want to consult the staff person who works with the software on a daily basis to get their viewpoint. You must also consult your staff and see what they want in a chiropractic billing software system. While you concentrate on your practice’s bottom line, they are the ones most familiar with your current software’s inefficiencies.

It’s also important to list why you are dissatisfied with your current chiropractic billing software system, so you are sure a new system doesn’t have the same flaws. What features does it lack that you really need? When you begin contacting vendors, you should ask them directly if their product not only has the necessary features but note problems you’ve experienced with your current software and how their product compares. If the vendor can’t guarantee you won’t have similar issues with their software, keep on looking.

What to Look for in Chiropractic Billing System

The best chiropractic billing software is user-friendly and intuitive, so you and your staff can learn it quickly.  A fast learning curve minimizes any disruption caused by new software installation. Such software should eliminate the need for any manual data entry, which leads to billing errors and revenue losses since mistakes are so easily made.

You must also inquire about the vendor’s support system since any delays in reaching technicians or other customer support providers can cost you money and waste valuable time.

The best chiropractic billing software includes automatic insurance alerts and codes, so you know ahead of time whether a patient has the correct coverage. A lack of good verification can mean significant delays in payment or payment that ends up in collections or written off. With good chiropractic billing software, all coverage codes are automatically updated so that submissions are always accurate and up-to-date. You should be able to view the status of any bill instantly, whether the claim is waiting or already billed, or even if the bill is not yet posted. A quick glance should tell you the exact state of your revenue, so you can track it on a daily basis.

Asking the Right Questions About Chiropractic Billing Software

There are plenty of questions to ask vendors regarding their software, and you want to make sure you ask the right ones. You want to know what data options other than billing that the system encompasses: Does it allow you to bill secondary carriers automatically? How easy is it to export data? Does the report functioning satisfy the needs of your practice? Does the billing system provide various types of analysis, such as collection and payment processing? Is a free demo available? If the vendor can’t give you definitive answers to these questions, continue your software search.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic Billing Software

What you want is tried-and-true software with an excellent track record. No one’s practice should become a testing ground for unproven tech that needs its “bugs” worked out. ChiroTouch’s chiropractic billing software integrates with our practice management software, so there’s a seamless flow from scheduling to check-in to outcomes assessment to the billing process. It’s always best to use an integrated rather than a separate system. Being able to retrieve and integrate information accurately and quickly saves practitioners time and puts less stress on staff. The best chiropractic billing software allows your practice to continue growing. All ChiroTouch software is HIPAA compliant, another crucial factor in making a software choice.

ChiroTouch not only offers the best chiropractic billing software available, but it also provides unlimited live support if you or your staff ever have questions. Call us today and schedule a demo.

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