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  • CT InForms works from within ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR, is a completely integrated system that improves efficiency in all areas of your practice.
  • Smooth data integration is the key to chiropractic practice efficiency and productivity. 
  • Outdated patient intake processes lead to long wait times for patients and extra work for front office staff.
  • Streamlined data integration with CT InForms allows you to import the information on patient digital intake forms to patient documents, chart notes, and billing records — all automatically.

Using an outdated patient intake process can hinder chiropractic productivity in your practice. Manual data entry means more administrative work for your front office staff and longer wait times for your patients. Switching to a completely integrated chiropractic EHR system with digital intake tools and data integration features can boost chiropractic productivity and improve your practice’s patient experience.

Challenges With Manual Patient Intake

If your chiropractic practice uses an outdated patient intake system, you may spend too much time on administrative tasks rather than providing excellent patient care. You and your staff may spend hours each week printing, processing, and storing paper intake forms. Your practice also likely spends hundreds of dollars per year on office supplies like papers, pens, and clipboards to support a manual intake process.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends that healthcare providers should see 90% of their patients within 30 minutes of a scheduled appointment. This is a tall order for some practices, often because patients must take the time to fill out paperwork when they arrive.

For patients, going through a manual intake process can be time consuming and inconvenient.

CT InForms Uses Data Integration to Simplify Patient Intake

CT InForms, a digital patient intake service that works from within ChiroTouch, is designed to eliminate these challenges. Its data integration features will help your practice reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve your patient experience.

This clears more time for staff to focus on providing care instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. Patients also benefit from reduced waiting room times and easy access to their information.

Here are three ways that CT InForms uses data integration to streamline the patient intake process.

  1. Forms automatically save in the patient’s Documents folder. Digital forms collect patient information from their initial intake and document their condition, treatments, and progress. This data imports automatically to the patient’s record, eliminating extra steps and time spent scanning and uploading files.
  2. Patient demographics and insurance information populate into the software. This feature saves time formerly spent on redundant data entry. It also allows you to avoid costly errors by keeping your records up to date. Digital forms let you update the patient’s record with changes in their demographics, medical history, or medication list one time. That information is updated in real time to every function of the software that uses it.
  3. Digital patient questionnaires import directly into chart notes. The doctor can see patient responses in the chart note editor and choose the ones they would like to import to the chart note with a quick and handy list format. Transferring this information into a chart note also increases the accessibility of information. The provider can quickly refer to the note when developing a treatment plan without having to search for a physical copy of the form.

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Integrate Your Data With CT InForms

CT InForms works from within ChiroTouch to streamline the patient intake process by integrating your patient data in all of these ways. CT InForms reduces the time your staff spends on administrative tasks because they can send and receive patient forms electronically. The intake process is more convenient for patients and offers greater efficiency for chiropractic offices.

Digital patient forms include initial intake information but are also helpful for sending your practice’s safety protocols and consent forms to patients. You can send post-visit patient feedback forms and questionnaires.

While these may seem like small administrative tasks, the time spent on paperwork can quickly add up. According to the AMA, 38% of healthcare professionals report spending between 10 and 19 hours on paperwork each week. Using software with digital intake forms helps your practice reduce time spent on administrative work to boost productivity.

What’s more, patients love the digital intake process. Filling forms out at home eliminates the need to arrive early for appointments to fill out paperwork. CT InForms also allows them to easily access completed PDF forms of their information and medical records as a single patient document. With our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted system, your practice won’t worry about compromised patient information due to a breach or hack.

Other benefits of using CT InForms include:

  • Reducing errors in patient data
  • Improved security of patient information
  • Online scheduling for patients to make, reschedule, or cancel appointments
  • Automate patient feedback through surveys to improve care
  • Creating customized intake forms from convertible templates
  • Allowing patients to fill out forms before they arrive
  • Communicating safety protocols with patients
  • Getting patient consent prior to arrival for their appointment

Completely Integrated Chiropractic EHR Software for Your Practice

Support your practice by streamlining workflow and data integration with ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic EHR software. Manage your appointment scheduling, patient check-in, charting, billing, and insurance claims with an all-in-one solution. With ChiroTouch, you can seamlessly meet the needs of your patients while running an efficient, well-integrated practice.

Provider Dashboard

The provider dashboard screen lets you view all essential patient information with one glance. You can easily read through SOAP notes and a patient’s medical history quickly and without switching back and forth among digital chart sections.

SOAP Notes

ChiroTouch helps providers by taking the hassle out of writing SOAP notes. Automatic syncing and customizable macros make it possible to create SOAP notes in 15 seconds. This feature saves hours each week and ensures your practice stays in compliance.

Claims Management and Payment Processing

Your practice can easily set up payments and process insurance claims more efficiently with ChiroTouch. With ChiroTouch Advanced, you set your service fees and let the software handle the rest. Our software uses innovative features to empower your chiropractic billers and improve your cash flow.

ChiroTouch Advance, designed for insurance practices, offers full claims cycle management, including a claims worklist, ERA auto-posting, and electronic claims submission to automate insurance processing.  Integrative payments with insurance processing mean your practice will experience fewer rejected claims and more efficient collections.

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Make Chiropractic Efficiency Easy With ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch provides the completely integrated chiropractic EHR software needed to increase your practice’s efficiency and productivity with ease. Our intuitive and modern system offers a user-friendly platform that empowers your practice with customizable and innovative features. Additionally, we provide multimodal support through a searchable knowledge based, on-demand tutorials and videos, and interactive chats so you can see benefits for your practice.

Book a demo with ChiroTouch to learn how your practice can customize ChiroTouch to boost productivity, improve patient satisfaction, and increase practice revenue.

Have a well-adjusted day!

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