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  • ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software for chiropractic assistants due to its fully integrated and automated features.
  • ChiroTouch’s integrated patient management and case management functions improve patient flow and organization.
  • Seamless internal communication tools and instant data syncing improve workflow efficiency.
  • Customizable alerts from ChiroTouch provide chiropractic assistants with real-time updates.

Chiropractic assistants are essential to the daily operations of a chiropractic practice. As a CA, you likely perform a wide variety of functions within the office that might include scheduling and communicating with patients, processing payments, taking X-rays, filing insurance claims, managing case files, and assisting the chiropractor during patient care.

Outdated chiropractic EHR systems make doing your job more complicated than necessary. Navigating multiple programs to perform your work is stressful and inconvenient, and redundant data entry takes time away from patient engagement and other important tasks.

ChiroTouch is chiropractic EHR software that solves these problems with a completely integrated platform that combines EHR, scheduling, check-in, charting, billing, claim management, payments, and patient engagement.

No matter how many functions you perform in your practice, ChiroTouch’s industry-leading integration lets you do all of them in one place.

Find out why ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic software for chiropractic assistants and how this chiropractic software makes the CA’s job easier.

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Integrated Patient and Workflow Management

When surveyed, 65% of chiropractic assistants listed improved workflow for scheduling and case management as their top reason for switching to ChiroTouch. ChiroTouch’s integrated patient management software eliminates redundancy, supports patient engagement and education, minimizes scheduling errors, and increases patient retention and practice revenue.

With ChiroTouch and ancillary features like CT Engage and CT Informs, you gain access to fully integrated features and automated alerts that allow you to efficiently update patient information and create a seamless, friendly experience for every patient who walks in the door.

ChiroTouch improves your chiropractic assistant workflow by providing functions such as:

Online Scheduling

ChiroTouch features online scheduling, which allows your patients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments on their own. This feature greatly reduces scheduling headaches and the time you spend on the phone while reducing no-shows and boosting practice revenue.

Customizable Features

ChiroTouch lets you customize key features like templates, appointment types, provider availability, and workflows to adapt ChiroTouch to the way you work.

Integrated Appointment Calendar

ChiroTouch’s fully integrated chiropractic software allows you to view the patient appointment calendar to plan your schedule for the day. You can also view patients who are checked in to the system and monitor their flow throughout the visit.

One-Click Patient Information Access

With one simple click, ChiroTouch gives you access to up-to-date patient information, including a care package tracker. This makes it easier to communicate with patients and track when you’ll see them next.

Easy-to-Read Color Coding

ChiroTouch features a color-coding display system that helps you decipher patient information at a glance. This feature color-coded appointment types for easy readability.

Automated Alerts

With ChiroTouch’s automated patient alerts, you minimize the risk of missing patients and losing referrals. Alerts can be customized to a specific patient and targeted to pop up in specific places: scheduling, check-in, check-out, charting, patient record, ledger, and payments.

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Instant Internal Communication

The staff in a chiropractic office needs to communicate quickly, accurately, and efficiently to ensure patients are cared for in a consistent, knowledgeable way.

ChiroTouch’s instant sync capability and messaging system lets you easily communicate with the rest of the staff and input patient data, ensuring all files are updated in real time.

This type of effective communication can increase productivity by up to 25%, making ChiroTouch an invaluable tool for chiropractic assistants.

ChiroTouch’s specific internal communication features include the following capabilities:

 Automatic Syncing

ChiroTouch automatically syncs information across the system. Data input by providers and staff is updated in real time, eliminating redundant text entry and allowing you to view the most up-to-date data available for accurate communication, including SOAP notes and patient billing information.

ChiroTouch’s automatic functions save you time and money. No more manual errors or miscommunication between staff. With ChiroTouch, you can communicate instantly and view data from anywhere in the system with ease.

Immediate File Access

All patient files are immediately accessible to the entire office with ChiroTouch. You can easily pull up a patient’s billing file, schedule, or treatment information anywhere, anytime, and from any device. And with instant syncing, you can be confident that that information is always up to date.

Across-the-Board Automation

For chiropractic assistants who double as chiropractic billers, ChiroTouch offers automated processes that save time and streamline administrative workflow.  In areas like insurance claims and billing, automation saves time and money and reduces the margin for error that can cause big losses for your practice.

With ChiroTouch, 64% of users report improvement in the billing and insurance process. For busy chiropractic assistants, this frees up time for more patient-facing tasks.

The following automated functions help make the chiropractic assistant’s job easier when they perform financial tasks:

Insurance Claims

CAs who also function as billers love that ChiroTouch combines insurance claims management with an insurance clearinghouse for seamless insurance management. eliminating the need to use multiple vendors and apps to process claims.

We offer two versions of ChiroTouch, each designed for different types of practices. ChiroTouch Core is perfect for cash-only or paper practices and provides benefits such as anytime, anywhere access, superbills and CMS-1500, and ledger, receipts, and invoicing features.

Ideal for larger practices and those that use electronic billing, ChiroTouch Advanced offers everything included in ChiroTouch Core, plus additional billing features like:

  • Billing and support from one vendor
  • Charts and reports to help you track practice performance
  • Full claims cycle management, including ERA auto-posting, auto-updated claim status, and electronic claims submission

The entire claims process is automated through ChiroTouch Advanced, making claims management simple and straightforward. For example, electronic EOBs are automatically downloaded and auto-posted. You’ll be able to view all primary insurance claims, even those that are not yet billed.

ChiroTouch’s automated insurance processing also reduces the time and energy spent looking up patient SOAP notes and verifying diagnosis and treatment codes. The automated features automatically sync codes from provider notes to reduce errors and keep you in compliance.

Payment Processing

ChiroTouch’s automated payment processing allows chiropractic assistants to accept all types of patient payments in one fully integrated system. With ancillary service CT Payments, you can set up recurring payments for patients on a long-term treatment plan, which reduces manual processing time.

You can also store patient cards and offer multiple payment options. These features increase the chances that patients will pay on the day of service, eliminating the extra work involved with chasing down payments.

When payments are received, they are automatically posted to the patient ledger for accuracy and up-to-date records.

ChiroTouch, the Cloud Standard in Chiropractic EHR Software

ChiroTouch is the standard in chiropractic EHR software. Developed primarily for chiropractic processes, ChiroTouch is designed to meet all of your needs as a CA as well as the needs of all the other roles in your practice.

Empowering and Innovative

ChiroTouch is empowering and innovative EHR software that helps you run your practice your own way. Switching to ChiroTouch gives you access to customizable features like macros and client communication templates. Our innovative approaches means we are always listening to feedback and updating the platform to meet your practice’s unique needs.

For example, we’ve included a real-time practice insights dashboard to help you understand where you can improve operations. We also offer modern digital communication tools and add-on services to build a practice management system that works for you.

Fully Integrated

All aspects of ChiroTouch are fully integrated, meaning you can access all your documents and applications with one log-in. Whole-practice integration also means more productivity and profitability for your practice. With automated synching, you will see fewer billing and insurance errors and less redundancy in administrative tasks. These translate to more revenue for your practice and better care for your patients.

In-app Guidance and Extensive Resources

We built an impressive help system into ChiroTouch. It offers intuitive in-app guidance that knows where you are in the system and what you’re trying to accomplish. The system will guide you through the task step-by-step. We offer several options for learning to use ChiroTouch, including on-demand tutorials, videos, interactive chat, and context-sensitive help.

We also maintain an extensive library of multimodal resources, including training videos, articles, webinars, and podcasts full of tips on how to use ChiroTouch to better manage your administrative tasks, resources to keep you current with changing regulations and up to date about the chiropractic profession, and much more.

We are continually updating our blog with quality content that will keep you in the know and make your job easier.

Find Out How ChiroTouch Can Improve Your Workflow

With ChiroTouch, the standard in chiropractic software for chiropractic assistants, automated features and cloud-based integration can help you spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and more time on patient engagement and treatment.

To learn more about how ChiroTouch can make your job as a chiropractic assistant a lot easier, book a demo today.

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