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The right chiropractic EHR software saves time and money. Integrated chiropractic EHR software lets you focus on your patients and brings three big benefits to any practice. For more ways EHR can help your practice, read on or check out the infographic below.

Check for Inefficiencies

Audit your practice for gaps or time wasters. Consider if a chiropractic EHR software would improve your scheduling, reporting, billing or overall practice efficiency.

Paper charts are missing up to 25% of the time. Even when the chart is present, specifics are missing for 13.6% of patient encounters.

A single-provider practice that sees 30 patients a day can save $400 to $500 a month in paper costs alone.

Maximize Productivity

Chiropractic EHR software can keep your practice running smoothly.

1. Quickly check in patients

2. Spend less time on notes

3. Increase collections by 56%

Compliance & Audits

Your EHR software can help ease your mind if you receive a records request or experience an audit.

Your chiropractic EHR software will aid in creating more complain notes and make retrieving patient records less of a hassle.

Medical errors cost more than $19 billion in 2008 alone. EHR software reduces these costs and improves compliance by reducing errors, improving communication, and enabling staff to keep more detailed records.

An EHR system can improve your reimbursements with proper coding and improved documentation.


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