Is Wellness Destroying Your Practice & Chiropractic? - Chirotouch

Documentation can make or break your practice, especially when it comes to documenting a patient’s progress and improvement. Join Dr. Mark Studin as he discusses the fundamental necessities, and common pitfalls, of documenting patient progress in his presentation “Is Wellness Destroying Your Practice & Chiropractic?”

This insightful hour-long webinar will take place on Tuesday November 21, 2023, from 10AM – 11AM PT and will feature:

– Common wellness documentation gaps within initial exams and re-exams.
– How proper documentation affects reimbursement, compliance, and reputation.
– 6 distinct methods of improving reputation for enhancing credibility and generating more referrals.

In addition to Dr. Studin’s insights, this session will include a live demonstration from ChiroTouch Software Specialist Dr. Brian Blask. Dr. Brian will demonstrate the simplicity of documentation within the ChiroTouch software, giving you a clear understanding of how to maximize the power of ChiroTouch’s robust capabilities.

Join us for this unique opportunity and learn how to use documentation for greater success.


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