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Many chiropractors have a desire to serve patients with a one-stop wellness practice where they can get everything they need for a wellness lifestyle. This might seem easy to do, knowing that many of your patients are buying supplements, getting massages, and exercising. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Countless chiropractic wellness offices have struggled to find a successful way to provide high-quality service while still being a profitable business.

Watch this webinar learn the fundamentals that must be mastered to achieve a successful and highly profitable functional wellness center that offers chiropractic and lifestyle modification.


In this webinar, we covered:

•   Your why: Uncovering the real reason you want to have a wellness practice

•   Hiring and training your wellness team

•   Marketing: The new patient workshop and corporate wellness programs

•   The unique language needed in a patient consultation, evaluation, and report of findings

•   Measuring and reporting your business KPIs


About Dr. Dane Donohue

Dr. Dane Donohue is a practicing chiropractor and Co-Founder of 8 Weeks to Wellness, a wellness program that chiropractors use to help their patients improve their overall wellness. Dr. Dane is a world-renowned speaker who has changed the lives of thousands of individuals across the world, offering hope for dramatic health changes. Dr. Dane lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons.

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