Improving Patient Experience | 4 Ways To Make It Happen [Webinar]


Did you know, patients who are satisfied with their billing experience are not only more likely to pay their bills in full, but are also more likely to return for future service, and recommend the provider to a friend? While your patients’ payment experience has a direct fiscal impact on your practice, unfortunately, the overall payments process is often a blind spot in an office’s business model.

In this webinar, we will learn the simple steps a practice can take to improve the patient experience through the payment experience and enabling patients to pay on time and with ease including:


• Communicating patient responsibility, transparency & expectations

• Offering flexible, convenient payment options

• Setting your staff up for success by delivering a better experience


Please join us for this informative webinar on an important topic that is often overlooked.


About Nate Manning

Nate Manning brings strategy and innovation to the payment experience for small business owners. He is passionate about creating a dynamically innovative user experience. Currently, he works as Sr. Strategic Partner Manager for OpenEdge, a division of Global Payments. Nate specializes in helping to create a seamless payment experience for ChiroTouch software users and others alike. Nate has 2 children, with one on the way, and is married to his high school sweetheart, Jenny.

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