Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: How Data Gathering Makes or Breaks Your Revenue Cycle - Chirotouch

An engineer knows that the taller the building, the stronger and deeper the foundation must be. If any building, or process, is built on a shaky foundation, the ramifications could be devastating. The revenue cycle for most healthcare practices has three distinct parts: Data Gathering, Billing, and Collections. We think the most important element is the first step: Data Gathering. We also find that when practices struggle with reimbursement or denials, we can track back to lack of proper information in the data gathering stage.

Watch ChiroTouch presenters along with Rebecca Scott, CPC, CPCO, CPB, a chiropractic reimbursement and compliance expert with KMC University, for this educational session that covered:

• Why the patient intake process is the pointy end of the spear
• How to ensure you know all the rules for every payer you work with
• Why verification is critical, and not always ONLY online verification


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