Proactive A/R: Billing & Coding Hints and Tips | Webinar | ChiroTouch

Even the most experienced doctors and team members can find it difficult to keep up with third party billing and the struggles of collections. McDonald’s can crank out burger after burger, usually in a uniform manner, because they have a foolproof system that works no matter who’s manning the grill that day, who’s working the front counter, and who’s in charge. The operative word is….SYSTEM. Your office deserves consistent and predictable cash flow, but if there is erratic or haphazard attention paid to the duties of billing and collections, your collections graph may be all over the map.

In this installment of our Billing and Coding webinar series featuring Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CPCO, CCPC, CCCA, we walk through every step of the most effective AR system that you can install in your practice. We trained on the following steps, and make it easy for you to implement them:

• Proper set up of your computer system from DAY ONE to ensure that your patient’s data is ready for error free billing
• Electronic and paper billing timelines and secrets to ensure a clean claim makes it to the other side for payment
• An in-depth look at line item payment posting and how the posting process dictates your follow up procedures


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