Billing and Coding Hints and Tips: Say Goodbye to Senseless Denials - Chirotouch

When denials start flooding the office, and the monies start exiting quickly, we search to find the answers, not realizing the issue began when the claim was submitted. When it comes to billing payers, being proactive is the catalyst to success.

Listen in as billing and coding expert, Yvette Noel from KMC University, along with ChiroTouch Senior Trainer Marty Madison and Senior Client Success Manager Laurence Peppler, discuss how essential it is to lay a strong foundation that tells the best story to the payer for successful claims processing. They will “prime” the pump with information on:

  • Coding your services to the payer the RIGHT way
  • Determining what your CMS- 1500 forms and EDI claims are telling the payer
  • Understanding the common submission errors that cause denials.
  • Working directly within ChiroTouch, to see how to get this set up correctly, the first time.

The remainder of the session is dedicated to getting your billing, coding, and ChiroTouch specific questions answered by Yvette and the ChiroTouch specialists.

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