Certifying Necessity for Care - Chirotouch

Do you struggle with how to best utilize x-rays in your diagnoses and treatment plans? You’re not alone!

Join Dr. Mark Studin, FASBE(C), DAAPM, for a webinar where he reveals how you can better utilize x-ray imaging. This webinar, aptly titled “Certifying Necessity For Care,” will cover how incorporating x-ray imaging is necessary to demonstratively diagnose biomechanical pathology.

In addition, Dr. Studin will also address how imaging helps support a long-term chiropractic treatment plan, and actually generates superior results compared to other treatment styles like physical therapy. To complement the lesson, ChiroTouch software expert Dr. Brian Blask will be on hand to highlight how ChiroTouch aligns with Dr. Studin’s teachings via a live demo of the software.

Since 1981, Dr. Mark Studin has helped shape the chiropractic discipline as one of the industry’s preeminent thought leaders. Not only does Dr. Studin teach chiropractic and medicine, he is also a national lecturer and runs the number 1 chiropractic referral program in the United States. Dr. Studin’s insights regarding complex topics like imaging, and its importance in certifying necessity for care, are an invaluable resource for chiropractors like you.

Watch this webinar to learn more!


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