From The Ground Up: Adjusting The Typical Foot - Chirotouch

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. In their lifetime, the average person walks approximately 100,000 miles. But all too often, we do not place the same emphasis on looking after our feet as we do on other parts of our body. This one-hour webinar presentation with guest Dr. Mark Charrette covers the basic neurology, indicators, and adjustments for the typical foot. You’ll learn how to adjust the navicular, cuddled, cuneiforms, metatarsal heads, talus, calcaneous, and fibular in 12-15 seconds. Help your patients get onto the path of better mobility one pain-free step at a time.


About Dr. Mark Charrette

Dr. Mark Charrette is a 1980 summa cum laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He is a frequent guest speaker at twelve chiropractic colleges and has taught over fourteen hundred seminars worldwide on extremity adjusting, biomechanics, and spinal adjusting techniques. His lively seminars emphasize a practical, hands-on approach.

Dr. Charrette is a former All-American swimmer, who has authored a book on extremity adjusting and also produced an instructional video series. He has developed successful practices in California, Nevada, and Iowa, and also is a spokesperson for Foot Levelers.

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