Getting Back to Basics - Insurance Billing and Reimbursement - Chirotouch

Insurance billing and reimbursements can be extremely complex. There are billing reports, claim reimbursement tracking, denials management, and more. Who has time for all that? We do!

Listen as Kelly Trentacosti and Michelle Carmody of our Revenue Cycle Management team discuss what you need to know to get back to the fundamentals of insurance billing and reimbursement. They review what reports in ChiroTouch billers should use to create a smooth billing and reimbursement process that increases collections while minimizing headaches.

Feel assured that you will walk away with the knowledge to grow your practice and get the money you deserve. This webinar covers:

– The “OHIO” method and what it means for your practice

– Successful metrics and benchmarking

– Billing options

– Analytics – what numbers to measure, and how to double check what you are missing

Plus, learn how CTProBill, our RCM service, can do the hard work for you. ChiroTouch practices who use CTProBill see a significant increase in their reimbursements with a fraction of their time. To learn more about CTProBill and to request a free review of findings, click here.

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