How to Automate Online Patient Booking with CTAppointments - Chirotouch

If you are like most practices, the process to get booked with the Doctor might look something like this: Patient must find time to call the office, asks for an appointment, goes back and forth with you to find a good time, and finally nails down a mutually agreeable appointment. The Office Manager schedules the appointment and sends a confirmation to the patient.

That’s a lot of back and forth. What about all the patients that couldn’t find the time to call you? Or that didn’t want to call? In 2021, patients want ease of use and you want, well, more patients, right?

There’s an easier way… with online self-scheduling your patients eliminate having to find time to call you, going back and forth on times that work, and can book with you while you are sleeping.

Have you ever wished you could walk into a day full of booked appointments, without having to lift a finger? That’s exactly what CTAppointments can help your practice do.

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