Mastering Exercise's Role in Your Patient Care Plans - Chirotouch

Are you still ignoring exercise as part of your care plan? It’s time to think again! Watch Dr. David Cruz as he gives his bulletproof approach and specific examples on how to incorporate exercise into your patient care plans to increase referrals, improve patient outcomes and retention through active care.


Watch this webinar to learn:


•  How to be more confident in using active care as a revenue and patient engagement driver

•  Specific low back exercises you can implement immediately

•  How to use active care to increase medical referrals and build your brand


About Dr. David Cruz

Dr. David Cruz practiced as a sports chiropractor in an orthopedic setting for 18 years treating athletic injuries, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training and has completed graduate course work in kinesiology. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as having both FMS and SFMA certifications. The combination of his background in sports medicine and interest in technology made him passionate about bringing these two worlds closer together, resulting in the foundation of his company WebExercises in 2005.


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