Mastering the Monkey in the Middle: Tools to conquer your thoughts & EXPLODE your practice! - Chirotouch

The first key to success is having the right mindset!  We all know the saying of ‘thoughts become things’, but are we aware of how that affects the success or lack of, that we achieve in practice?  Dr. Paul Reed has spent years studying this topic and mastering the exact steps to create success!


Watch this webinar to learn:

•  How to recognize your blind spots

•  The best ways to overcome objections

•  How to create forward momentum

•  What it takes to sustain lasting purpose


About Dr. Paul Reed

Dr. Paul Reed is a chiropractor, author, speaker and success coach who has been practicing in Washington state for 20 years.  He currently runs and operates four chiropractic practices. In 2010, Dr. Paul started ChiroFEST, which has grown to be the biggest chiropractic gathering in the Pacific Northwest!  The sole purpose of this event is to “Honor the Past & Preserve the Future.” More recently, in 2017 he was awarded as Washington state’s “Chiropractor of the Year.”

Dr. Paul has personally experienced the life-saving benefits of chiropractic care and has known it as his life’s calling since the age of 8. He attributes much of his collegiate sports career at WSU to being adjusted regularly. Dr. Paul has a purpose and passion to unlock your body’s God-given ability to heal itself, in order to live a life full of health, vitality and enthusiasm.


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