Money and Freedom: Use These Stats To Get Both - Chirotouch

As you begin to invest time and money into growing your practice, knowing what’s working and what’s not becomes crucial for your long-term success. But how do you know which statistics are most valuable, or what these valuable statistics tell you about how to move forward?

Fortunately, Dr. Alex Vidan of Vidan Family Chiropractic, has a simple methodology for using data and statistics to foster growth and promote professional freedom. Not only was Dr. Vidan voted “Best Chiropractor” by the St. Louis community in the St. Louis Magazine 2020 A-List, he is also a championship chiropractor from his time as the team DC for the 2011 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals!

Watch this webinar for Dr. Vidan’s explanation of the 3 basic statistics every practice should focus on, and the single most important data point for growing your practice. Dr. Vidan explains Patient Visit Average, Collections Per Visit, and Overhead Percentage, revealing how these three basic statistics inform your practice’s Break-Even Point.

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