How to Use InTouch to Keep Patients Engaged, Informed, and Retained - Chirotouch

Did you know, the average practice loses over $3,200 a month from missed appointments? Recapture that lost revenue with our chiropractor patient communication and engagement tool called InTouch that makes it easy to email or text customers from wherever you are. In this short webinar, you will learn how to easily set up reminders, recall campaigns, and marketing messages so you never lose out on revenue, relationships, or reviews.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Setup custom patient appointment reminders
• Market to your patients with targeted promotions
• Proactively message patients after a missed appointment
• Reengage inactive patients with special offers
• Automate custom birthday and holiday messages

Whether you already have InTouch and want to use it more effectively or are considering adding the tool to your software, please watch this short webinar to learn a smarter way to communicate with your patients.

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