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Learn to sell, by speaking well with Dr. CJ Mertz!

Isn’t it ironic how you have the power to alleviate a terrible kink in someone’s back but somehow get tongue tied when it comes time to explain what you did? If you struggle while speaking to patients, you’re not alone.

Many DCs, and their staff, struggle with effectively communicating the benefits of treatment. And since most new patients don’t know what to expect when they visit a chiropractor, this breakdown in communication can lead to retention issues.

Watch this webinar with Dr. CJ Mertz to learn the 10 keys to mastering public speaking from any stage. In one hour, you’ll learn to find your voice, speak with confidence, maximize sales, and keep your patients coming back!

The right message and proper delivery are vital to creating better patient experiences. Mastering the principles of public speaking allows you to more effectively educate and treat your patients. thereby helping you to increase acquisition and boost retention.

Learn how to sell to every audience from any stage with this webinar!





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